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Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker (with Cup!)

Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker (with Cup!)

Too good, One cup

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Unlike certain other sites *cough*Amazon*cough* we include a matching, lidded cup!
  •  Simply fill with coffee (and any other flavours you want to try) and add boiling water
  •  Perfect for cramped apartments or desktop drinks
  •  No electricity needed



Ahhh... Coffee. Once a rejuvenating beverage enjoyed by ancient civilisations - in a civilised fashion - now the most painfully complicated, pretentious and time-consuming process known to humanity.

Well the Unplugged Coffee Maker is taking it back to a earlier time. A simpler time.

A time when you weren't forced to choose from an absurd assortment of sizes and flavours, by an army of hyper-positive serving-clones, who couldn't spell your name on your cup if your name was actually cup. A time when you asked for coffee, and got… coffee.

More Information

Please Note:
  • Coffee not included
Product Features:
  • Classic design
  • Includes matching lidded mug
  • Easy-to-use filter replacement system
  • Available in three great colours
  • Traditional drip-through style coffee machine - no electricity needed
  • Measures approximately 12.5cm(W) x 25.5cm(H) x 14.5cm(D)