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EST. 1998
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After Dinner Lollypops

Boozy bonbons

After Dinner Lollypops

Boozy bonbons

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First we take the finest chocolate known to humanity (and we know it’s good because it has extravagant names like Callebaut, Manjari and Ivoire). Then we head to the top-shelf of the liquor cabinet, for a 15 year-old Single Malt and some authentic French Champagne.

Crafted with care by the mysterious Valrhona chocolatiers, the After Dinner Lollypops are some delightfully decadent, boozy bonbons.

Bring a touch of chocolatey class to your dinner party (or just treat yourself).

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Please Note:
  • May not officially be the finest chocolate known to humanity, but it’s close
  • By extravagant, we basically mean French
  • This product contains alcohol
  • Each pack contains two lollies
    Single Malt Scotch
  • Ingredients: Callebaut plain and white chocolate, 5 % creme alcohol filling and 2.5% Dalwhinnie Single Malt (15 year).
  • Total alcohol content 7.5%
  • Shelf life: Best consumed within 3 months.
    Strawberry Champagne
  • Ingredients: Callebaut strawberry and white chocolate, creme fondant and Merc de Champagne.
  • Total alcohol content 7%
  • Shelf life: Best consumed within 3 months.
Product Features:
  • Available in Single Malt Scotch or Strawberry Champagne flavour
  • Gorgeously designed alcopop lollies
  • Contains dairy and alcohol
  • Measures approximately 3cm(D) x 10cm(H)
  • Each box weighs approximately 50g

Customer Reviews

How many lollypops come per purchase? Is it just one box (so two lollypops) or several boxes?
Alex, London - 13th April 2013
Firebox says: Hey Alex, each pack contains 2 Lollypops, hope this clears things up for you.