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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Pixel Heart Mug

Top up your life

Pixel Heart Mug

Top up your life

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Just pour hot water into this hearty mug and watch as the depleted 8-bit heart fills with life – or ‘red’ as non-gamers call it. Brimming with refreshing tea, coffee or hot chocolate it’s the perfect pick-me-up when you can’t lay your hands on a 1-Up mushroom.

Thanks to the advanced thermographic ink, the heart’s life will deplete at the same rate you drink your brew. Which is a handy reminder for anyone passing your desk on the way to the kitchen. ‘Life… fading… need caramel latte…’

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Product Features:
  • Porcelain mug printed with thermographic inks
  • Heart turns red when you add hot water
  • Red disappears as the water cools
  • Measures approximately 8.2cm(Diameter) x 9.7cm(H)
  • Holds approximately 300ml

Customer Reviews

Dear firebox, my mug just came today and im more than pleased with it, speedy delivery and a pack of fun gums thrown in as well, hopefully my valentine will be as happy as I am.
Aiden Walder, Isle Of Wight - 5th February 2013