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Aqua Zinger

Get the juices flowing

Aqua Zinger

Get the juices flowing

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With its built-in blender mechanism, and clever construction, you can avoid unwanted additives and sugars and keep it all natural, thanks to this fruit-infusing water bottle from Aqua Zinger.

Simply fill the bass cup with your favourite fruity combinations (size permitting), replace the filter and screw it tight to get the juices flowing. Then just load up the bottle with water and give it a shake, fantastic, natural flavours all day long.

Plus, thanks to the double-wall, stainless steel design, you can infuse everything from icey slushies to hot herbal teas.

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Please Note:
  • Fruits not included
Product Features:
  • Handy, portable water-bottle
  • Double-wall stainless steel keeps drinks hot or cold
  • Built-in blender adds flavour to your drinks
  • Directly infuse your water without sugars or additives
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing construction
  • Screw-tight vacuum-seals
  • Carry-loop
  • Measures approximately 8cm(D) x 25cm(H)
  • 568ml capacity

Customer Reviews

You know what they say - you need to drink more water, you need to eat more fruit... and here is the tool to help with that! I was wasting so much money every day on sugary fruit-flavored bottled waters, now I can make my own quickly/cheaply (this thing pays for itself in no time at all), and without all those unwanted additives. It's simple to use and there are some fantastic flavour combinations to play with. A bit fiddly to begin with, but you soon get the knack. Prepare to have to answer a hundred questions as people ask you what the hell that stuff is lurking under your flask though =P.
Claire - 10th July 2014
This sturdy bottle is well made and looks fab. Im drinking treble the amount of water I was and my intake of fruit has also trebled; some days even more. I'm NOT getting the headaches I was getting before so I must have been a bit dehydrated. I think in this day and age of using computers and our busy, manic lives we can easily forget our water intakes. I now keep my Zinger on my desk and with me throughout the day. Aqua Zinger enables you to drink well and often, its perfect for the home or to take anywhere; work, the gym, yoga. Its ideal if your feeling under the weather to get those necessary vitamins and minerals quickly into your body.
Cazi - 9th January 2014
Firebox is in fact one of THE best websites of this genre on the PLANET!! FACT!! Ordered, shipped and here in less than 2 days, outstanding!! Easy to use and very sturdy (my dogs already lept up and sent it crashing to the floor) but luckily no damage. The fruit grinder holds more than I expected and so you can be really creative and the main flask is more than adequate, it's a wee bit heavier than I thought but nothing to worry about. Great product and service!! Go on get your shake on!!!
Ross Sutherland - 8th June 2013