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Pop-Up Diamond Candles

Candles are a girl’s best friend

Pop-Up Diamond Candles

Candles are a girl’s best friend

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  • Play the warm, waxy and deliciously-scented lottery
  • 1 in 50 chance of finding a Diamond!
  • Available in 5 classy French fragrances
  • Eco-friendly and smart origami-like packaging


Prepare to be (potentially) rich, because these beautifully made French candles come with the chance of finding a diamond inside!

"Tell me more!" We hear you cry…

OK, well. The small PopUp Diamond Candle has a 1 in 50 chance of containing a 0.15 carat diamond (worth hundreds of pounds) and the large candle has a 1 in 50 chance of containing a 0.25 carat diamond (worth over a thousand!). Amazing.

This all happens when the President of the PopUp Paris company (under the watchful eye of a band of heavily-armed henchmen in a secret underground lair) inserts the diamonds by hand into the wax mould of the lucky candles.

As the wax burns, and a lovely smell fills the air, you could be just hours away from your very own girl’s best friend!

You’re basically playing a lovely smelling lottery, but with decent odds! Imagine the intoxicating drama as you wait to see if you’re the lucky soul. What a story to tell.

Available in 5 classy French scents, the ‘PopUp’ refers to the way the candle appears when removed from the packaging AND how the diamond appears as it emerges from the wax.

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Product Features:
  • A chance to win a diamond!
  • Estimated value of small diamond is £500, and the large diamond is £1000
  • Diamonds are American brilliant-cut (the highest cut-quality), G/SI colour/imperfection quality (Small: 0.15carat/Large: 0.25carat).
  • Lovingly crafted, high-quality candles
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan Friendly, no Animal Products are used in the products
  • Eco-friendly and origami-like packaging
  • Small candle will burn for approximately 20 hours
  • Large candle will burn for approximately 60 hours
  • Traceability - Kimberley Process: Diamonds purchased by Popup are all subject to controls under the Kimberley. Process and are in compliance with UN resolutions. Diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources and are not involved in the funding of armed conflicts.
    • Five scents/colours available:
    • BooBlop – Fresh, energising bamboo aroma (Green)
    • FigShebam – Noble, fruity fig (Purple)
    • RicePow – Subtle, powdery rice powder (Blue)
    • WizzNadine – Sweet, nostalgic grenadine aroma (Pink)
    • WoodZip – Strong, earthy wood aroma (Orange)
    • Small candle measures approximately 5cm(D) x 6cm(H)
    • Large candle measures approximately 8cm(D) x 9cm(H)

    Customer Reviews

    I bought 2 candles! 1 for me, 1 for my sister! I lost but she won the most amazing sparkly diamond!!!!!! It's beautiful!!!! I never thought either of us would win but she did! The best purchase ever and even though I didn't win, the candles smelled great and were presented so well!!!! Thank you FIREBOX!
    Catherine Bayley, London - 30th August 2013
    Well I was so excited to receive my pop-up candle of course thinking there was def gonna be a diamond in it. So I sat pretty much non-stop for 2 days watching my candle slyly without my boyfriend noticing (he'd kill me for buying it you see) and to my shock the candle burned it's last little flame for me to find................ . Nothing!! Great idea though, maybe next time, or the next time etc ......hehe.
    Jodie Lovell, United Kingdom - 16th May 2013
    Great service from the firebox guys just waiting to see if the diamond's in their! The little free gift is a nice little touch! Well done! :).
    Dan Willcox, North London - 3rd April 2013
    Bought this as a pressie for someone and didn't think they had a chance of finding a diamond, but low and behold they did and were very excited!
    Lucky, Overseas - 2nd March 2013
    Firebox says: Hello!! I think this needs verification, if we send you a stamped/addressed envelope would you be so kind as to send it our way?