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Pop-Up Diamond Candles

Pop-Up Diamond Candles

Candles are a girl’s best friend

  •  Play the warm, waxy and deliciously-scented lottery
  •  1 in 50 chance of finding a Diamond!
  •  Available in 5 classy French fragrances
  •  Eco-friendly and smart origami-like packaging

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Prepare to be (potentially) rich, because these beautifully-made candles come with the chance of finding a diamond inside!

"Tell me more!" We hear you cry…

Available in 5 classy French scents, the PopUp Diamond Candles have a 1 in 50 chance of containing a 0.10 carat diamond (worth hundreds and hundreds of pounds). Amazing.

This all happens when the President of the PopUp Paris company (under the watchful eye of a band of heavily-armed henchmen in a secret underground lair) inserts the diamonds by hand into the wax mould of the lucky candles.

As the wax burns, and a lovely aroma fills the air, you could be just hours away from your very own girl’s best friend!

You’re basically playing a sweet-smelling lottery, but with decent odds! Imagine the intoxicating drama as you wait to see if you’re the lucky soul. What a story to tell.

More Information

Product Features:
  • The wondrous chance to win a diamond!
  • One in 50 candles contains a 0.10 carat diamond with 57 facets
  • Lovingly crafted, high-quality candles
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan Friendly, no Animal Products are used in this product
  • Eco-friendly and origami-like packaging
  • Burns for approximately 35 hours
  • Traceability: Diamonds purchased by Popup are all subject to controls under the Kimberley Process and are in compliance with UN resolutions. Diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources and are not involved in the funding of armed conflicts.
Five scents available:
  • Jasmine Pearl
  • Orange Blossom
  • Red Amber
  • Sweet Marshmallow
  • Violet Strawberry
  • Candle measures approximately 7.5cm(L) x 9cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Got this for my valentine, she loved it and said it smelled amazing! Very pleased lads! Got me some boyfriend points!

Douglas - 17th of February, 2015