Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Tasty Triassic treats

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Tasty Triassic treats

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  •  Cookie cutters are picked at random which means it's a marvellous lottery as to which one you'll get
  •  Like all self-respecting reptiles, they'll stand on their own two/four feet
  •  When dinosaurs roamed your coffee table
  •  Fully reusable moulds, so you'll never eat them into extinction


Once up on a time, dinosaurs roamed the earth, huge, powerful and ancient. Things have changed a bit in the last 70 million years however, and now they’re delicious, freshly-baked and roam your coffee table. The Triassic period was particularly tasty.

Simply prepare your favourite type of cookie dough, cut out your shapes and pop ‘em in the oven. Each kit features different sections, which combine to give you one delicious 3-D dinosaur that will stand on its own two/four legs.

The best bit is that the Dinosaur Cookie Cutters are 100% reusable, so you don’t need to worry about eating them into extinction.

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Please Note:
  • Cookie cutters are picked at random which means it's a marvellous lottery as to which one you'll get
  • Each dinosaur is made up of 3-4 sturdy plastic cutter parts
  • Bake a 3-D dinosaur
  • Dinosaurs include: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex
Product Features:
  • Measures approximately 1.5cm(D) x 13.5cm(W) x 22cm(H)
  • Weighs approximately 65 grams

Customer Reviews

Got these as a pressie.... For myself. Amazing. I honestly did not remake jurassic park with the 3d cookie dinosaurs after a bottle of wine....... .
Rachel - 21st May 2013
Firebox says: 'Clever girl'
I never used to believe in dinosaurs but now I do. Unlike the culturally constructed 'reality' of being rock-hard fossils and other tooth-damaging substances that text books posit, it turns out that they are entirely edible, delicious and flourishing. At least in my kitchen anyways. (I have pics to prove it if you don't believe me - time stamped and everything).
Josh - 19th April 2013
Fun activity to do with kids! Bought the whole set and decorated them with icing. We all had fun baking, assembling, decorating and eating! Delicious!
J.Virgo - 16th April 2013
I love these cookie cutters, what a brilliant idea. So far I have stuck to the recipe provided but I'm looking forward to testing out some others and decorating these fab dinosaurs.
Emma - 20th March 2013
Firebox says: Sounds like you're turning into a Bakeasaurus Rex Emma, have fun!
This is the greatest thing ever, they make tasty 3D Dinosaurs.
Jj - 15th March 2013
Firebox says: We think they're ace too JJ, bake them before they go extinct!
I love this product. Its so much fun, they are easy to bake with the recipe included and very easy to put together. Perfect thing to do on a rainy afternoon and perfect gift for all ages!
Scott - 13th March 2013