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Fortune Cupcake Kit

Fortune Cupcake Kit

The future is tasty

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Sure, we all want to know what our future holds, but we’re sick of getting our predictions from dry, tasteless, vacuum-sealed-for-50-years ‘cookies’. So it’s fortunate that fate has seen fit to provide us with the Fortune Cupcake Kit.

Featuring 75 cupcake liners, a handy recipe book and 30 different ‘fortunes’, there’s (cheesy) classics such as ‘stay strong in the face of challenges’, ‘seize the day, every day’ and the very fitting ‘tantalizing times are ahead’.

Now you can bake your own delicious desserts and let the hand of fate decide what the future will bring.

More Information

Please Note:
  • Fortunes are not 100% guaranteed
  • Should not be relied upon for life planning
  • Does not contain cupcakes
Product Features:
  • Chinese take-away style box and wrappers
  • 30 printed fortune wrappers
  • 75 cupcake liners
  • Recipe and design booklet
  • Measures approximately 11cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 13cm(D)