Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

DIY Drams

Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

DIY Drams

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  •  Fresh oak barrel, hewn directly from the majestic forests of Kentucky
  •  Hoedowns optional (but encouraged)
  •  Everything you need to start straight away


Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

OK, so you’re not a hillbilly. You’re not living with your entire extended family, fighting bears, eating racoon and making moonshine in some wild, untamed forest. But that’s no reason to miss out on the joys of creating your own liquor.

With the Mature Your Own Whisky Kit you can enjoy the (slightly sloshed) satisfaction of making whisky in your home, without all those pesky explosions and police raids.

Simply take two bottles of new-make Malted Barley spirit (included), and pour them through the funnel (also included) into your freshly toasted Kentucky Oak barrel of Medium to heavy char (yep, it's included too), then, you play the waiting game. Anywhere from a few days to a few months and you’ll be able to celebrate your alcoholic achievement with a dram of your very own home-brewed whisky.

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Product Features:
  • 1x fresh Kentucky Oak barrel
  • 2x 500ml bottles of new-make spirit
A few pointers:
  • You may need to give the tap a good old whack to ‘seat’ it in the barrel. Don’t go nuts and break the barrel, but ‘pushing it in’ isn’t enough.
  • Ensure the bung and tap are given a decent 'knock in' to create a proper and full seal
  • If the hoops around the barrel feel a bit loose or there’s a bit of seepage from the cask ends when you fill it, pour some hot water in before beginning to help the wood expand and become watertight.
  • The Fresh Oak barrel means that the first fill will be incredibly powerful in terms of Oak influence/flavour. You’ll be able to re-use the barrel at least two more times before the oak influence wanes.
  • The rate of evaporation from these puppies is quite large. The reason for this is two-fold. Due to the high surface area - volume ratio of the barrel and lack of proper temperature control during maturation.
  • Whilst maturing, your barrel should be kept at the coldest temperature possible which will help minimise the rate of evaporation. Somewhere like a garage or cellar are perfect conditions and should ensure an absolute maximum loss of 5% per month through evaporation (although it'll most likely be far less).
Technical Specifications:
  • Alcohol 63.5% (May vary depending on process)
  • Oak Barrel measures approximately 15cm(L) x 11cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Have been toying with the idea of getting this for a while; I like the odd single malt now and again and fancied having something that was a little unique, as well as being able to experiment with the process. I can echo what Oliver from Newcastle said in his review - make sure the spout is home by gently tapping it in before you fill the cask. I filled it with hot water first to allow the cask to expand and naturally stop leaks and I turned the cask every 5 minutes or so until the seeping stopped. It also gives it a little wash out to get rid of wee bits of wood and sawdust. It is now filled with the (lethal on its own!) new-make spirit and I can't wait to try it. Question is, how long can I hold out? May be sampling every week to see how the first fill goes. Many thanks, Firebox!
Dave McCowan - 13th March 2013
Ty - 'Angels Share' is what's known as evaporation (taken by the angels). Firebox are right, you can't pour in a bottle of Bell's and expect it to mature because this has been watered down during the bottling process. What you can put in there is "Cask Strength" whisky (literally straight from cask to bottle) and try maturing it a bit more.
Liam - 15th February 2013
Interesting product. Does it produce a Malt or Blended whisky?
Steve - 15th February 2013
Firebox says: Hi Steve, it produces a Malt whiskey matured from the new-make malt spirit
I was really excited to get this set up and to start maturing it straight away. As a tip put a tea towel over the tap and give it a gentle whack with a rolling pin. Once everything was done and it was ready to be filled, I had a little sample of the new-make stuff and it is white lightning. Once the whiskey is ready I'm confident it's going to be very enjoyable. As an added bonus you get two nice corked, sturdy bottle out of it too! Great product and I will certainly be getting some refills of the new-make. Thanks Firebox!
Oliver Colton - 17th January 2013
I bought this and the bottle was smashed. I demand a new one.
Peter Iain Staker - 5th December 2012
Firebox says: Hey Peter, drop us a line with your order number and the problems you've faced to and we will get this replaced for you!
How many litres of whiskey can you make with this?
Kati - 22nd November 2012
Firebox says: It comes with a litre of new-make spirit, but by adding your own you can make many more!