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Bubblewrap Calendar 2013

What’s popping?

Bubblewrap Calendar 2013

What’s popping?

Sorry, this product is not available.

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Important dates are listed too

It’s widely accepted that bubble-wrap is just about the most compulsively entertaining material in the history of aerated plastic packaging. Which is why the Bubblewrap Calendar 2013 really had us bubbling with excitement.

Without bursting the surprise bubble, this heavy-duty calendar features individual, extra-large bubbles for every day of the year, and each date is clearly printed (weekends are in bold). Meaning you can see in each new day with a (mildly loud) bang.

Pop one in your basket, before the bubble bursts.

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Please Note:
  • Calendar is single use only – only lasts one year
  • In a house-moving emergency, calendar can also double as packing material
Product Features:
  • Features everybody’s favourite font: Helvetica Neue
  • One bubble per day
  • Printed on thick, hard-wearing paper
  • Heavy plastic bubbles mean a bigger POP!
  • Weekends bolded for easy reference
  • Measures approximately 45cm(W) x 122cm(H)

Customer Reviews

It says this will be 'back in 2013', does this mean it won't be available to buy before Christmas?
David, Isle Of Man - 2nd December 2012
Firebox says: Sadly yes thats precisely what it means, sorry!
Could it be personalised to include people's birthdays?
Jenny, Crewe - 21st November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Jenny, unfortunately it can't currently be personalised
When I saw the advert for this in my email inbox I got all excited, but then I thought - as bubblewrap is doomed to the 'once you pop you can't stop' rule, wouldn't we finish 2013 in a matter of seconds? I think just one pop a day is not enough firebox :( I love the idea though!
Sarah Hunt, United Kingdom - 17th November 2012
Firebox says: It's all about savoring the moment every day, that's the beauty of the product.

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