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D3O Impact Band for iPhone 5

Bit of a hard case

D3O Impact Band for iPhone 5

Bit of a hard case

Sorry, this product is not available.



two colours available

Available in Smokey or Clear versions

Does your smartphone fancy itself a bit of a stunt… phone? Is it constantly attempting to leap off a table and climb out of your pocket, or maybe you’re just really clumsy? Then perhaps it’s time you invest in some proper protective gear for your daring device.

Unlike a regular case, this protective band fits around the edge of your iPhone 5 to offer incredible impact protection. Developed in futuristic science labs and underground bunkers, the iPhone 5 Impact Band utilises D3O technology, meaning that it’s soft and pliable under normal conditions, but rigid and super-strong under impact.

Rather than completely wrap your phone in cotton wool, the Impact Band provides protection around the outside of your phone, with enough overhang to ensure it won’t land flat on its face.

side detail

Fully protected and fully functional

It’s much like Evel Knievel’s helmet and cape, if they were made from revolutionary, super-strong, protective material. It's also not covered in stars, and doesn't smell of sweat... and danger.

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Please Note:
  • iPhone 5 not included
  • Only compatible with iPhone 5
Product Features:
  • D3O material provides incredible impact protection
  • Impact-responsive material
  • Complete, unrestricted access to all ports and buttons

Customer Reviews

Brilliant! Got this a few days ago and it is working great, reinforced around the edges, the back is a good guide to fit it in the case. Good colours too! It is raised on both sides so it won't land on the screen. The only downside is that it is hard to press the lock and volume buttons. I love it though!
Joshua Keith, Coatbridge, Scotland - 9th January 2013
Is there a back to this or just a band, I think I can see a back in photo just want to be 100%.
Wesley Hanlon, Belfast - 2nd December 2012
Firebox says: Hi Wesley, it does indeed have a back to it.
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