Nordic Grip Mini Ice Grippers

Ice Stand Corrected

Nordic Grip Mini Ice Grippers

Ice Stand Corrected

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on a stiletto

They fit on nearly any shoe

The Nordic Grip Mini’s are the ultimate unisex Ice Grippers. Easily pulled on over your sneakers, boots or even formal shoes, the sturdy rubber bands are non-slip and flexible. The inbuilt metal studs provide traction and purchase on even the most slippery slopes.

Available in black, blue and pink in small or large, they make a terrific addition to your kit, whether you’re commuting or camping. Complete with a handy protective case, you can store them safe and dry when you’re in warmer climes.

Available in 3 colours:
all three colours




black on shoes

Don't slip on that icy winter commute

So, when you’re gallivanting around glaciers or strolling along snowy streets, the Nordic Grip Mini Ice Grippers are the simple and stylish way to really get a grip.

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carry case

Carry them in their case when not in use

Please Note:
  • Are intended as a walking-aid in icy environments only, they won’t let you scale Everest for example
Product Features:
  • Available in three colours
  • Sturdy rubber construction
  • Fit over the outside of shoes
  • Metal studs are firmly connected
  • Small fits UK shoe size 1-7
  • Large fits UK shoe size 7-13

Customer Reviews

Nordic Mini Grippers are a brilliant idea and every driver should have one as should every school child. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
James Becker - 6th February 2014
These are good if you wear shoes where it's mostly the ball of the shoe making contact with the ground e. G heels. They certainly give that extra grip on icy ground. And as they're small they fit nicely into any sort of bag you might be carrying. I've seen people wearing ice grips that are full length i. E. Will go over the both the ball and heel of flat shoes and boots. Any chance of Firebox stocking them as well for us Doc Marten wearers?
Cardinal Fang - 25th January 2013
These have been a godsend during the current icy conditions, haven't fallen over once in them! One tip though: you have to pull them back into your shoes as far as possible, otherwise they tend to fall off.
David Shoare - 21st January 2013
I was walking to Church with my school in my new Timbaland boots and I slipped over and hurt my self and fell right on my peachy bum. I bought these amazing grippy's and I have never fell over since!!! Yay.
Anna - 4th December 2012
Firebox says: Peachy, mmmm
Can you get these in child sizes? Would be perfect to slip over school shoes on the way to & from school.
Mari-Anne - 22nd November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Mari-Anne, currently the suppliers do not make them any smaller than size 1. They are looking to start doing it in time for next winter.
Okay, a silly question, but if you have size 7 feet.... Which would be more suitable, I don't want them crushing my feet.... And I don't want them falling off.... Cheers!
Gemma - 15th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Gemma, I would suggest the larger size would suit, but if you buy it and it doesn't fit we can always replace it with a small.