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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Kaboom Sweater

Explode onto the scene

Kaboom Sweater

Explode onto the scene

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As we’ve learned from basically every action movie, ever, the key to getting people to notice you is explosions. And when it comes to massive, fiery eruptions; the bigger the better. The Kaboom Sweater represents a tribute to our love of blowing stuff up and making things go bang!

With one eye on the great fashion houses of the world and another delving deep into the human psyche; these polyester sweaters are hand-crafted by nimble Polish grandmothers and feature impeccable workmanship. You can literally smell the quality and care that goes into their creation.

Whether you’re looking to burst onto the scene, or just go out with a bang; light the fuse on this explosively stylish sweater.

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Please Note:
  • All that stuff about Polish grandmothers may not be entirely accurate
  • Obviously you can’t smell it through the Internet, but trust us, it smells like quality
Product Features:
  • Incredible image of an historic explosion
  • 100% Polyester – the fabric of kings
  • Unisex cut
  • Image is taken from the Licorne thermonuclear test, in French Polynesia

UK/EU (Ladies)Chest (inches)Length (inches)

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Ah, Kaboom Sweater... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?