Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable

Totally Pan-tastic

Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable

Totally Pan-tastic

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  •  Perfect for panoramas or sweeping 360° time-lapse movies
  •  Also doubles as a kitchen timer
  •  Compatible with larger cameras and professional tripods


Compatible with all time-lapse and panoramic Apps on the market, the Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable is a perfect addition to any amateur photographer’s kit bag and a shoe in for smartphone snappers.

The smooth, clockwork movement ensures a steady panning action and allows for precise timing/distance settings. Plus, you can avoid any kind of unexpected lapse-based injuries. (The unspoken nightmare of all sequence-based photographers).

The smartphone attachment lets you slip your digital device into place and start shooting in no time. Incredibly easy to setup, the Time-lapse Turntable works much like a kitchen timer, simply set it to the pan you want (90°-360°) and start recording.

When the full rotation is complete, that's the point you can shout 'cut!' and 'that's a wrap, people'. Your imaginary film crew will appreciate it.

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Please Note:
  • Software not included. However numerous Free/Paid time-lapse Apps exist
  • Rotation is locked to a timer, so speed of rotation cannot be adjusted - one step equals one second - however films can easily be rendered using one of the Apps
Product Features:
  • Take full 360° degree sweeping time-lapse images or multiple panorama shots
  • Compatible with all existing time-lapse Apps
  • Male/Female ¼” screw threads for mounting cameras (up to 750g) to the X-Lapse and mounting X-Lapse to larger tripods – perfect for continuous photo modes on GoPro etc.
  • Fold-out stabilising ‘tripod’ legs
  • Contains: VCC-100-XL MUVI X-Lapse & Smartphone Holder Attachment
  • Measures approximately 5cm(H) x 7.5cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Thinking about purchasing one of these and grateful for the balanced reviews! I way about the 'clockwise' issue would be to mount it onto a Gorilla pod (if you love iPhoneography and don't have one, get one) and then you can turn the turntable upside down giving you an anti-clockwise pan. Just a thought! Cheers, Jon.
Jon - 23rd January 2014
Awesome gadget. I use my time lapse turntable in conjunction with Lapse it Pro on my iPhone and I also use the glif more as opposed to the phone holder that comes with the product(as in the picture above). The product is easy to use and produces some stunning results, the only downside is that it only rotates one way. The product attaches well to a tripod if needs be. Overall a great and easy to use product!
Jon - 17th July 2013
This is a tiny little gadget - smaller than I expected - this is a good thing! However, I'm not sure if this is a problem with my unit, or normal behaviour - the bell doesn't seem to go when the time is done. Also, the rotation is only one way - anti-clockwise! I assumed it would go either way I wanted, but if it does, it's not obvious. In fact, the arrows on the top plate make it look like it should rotate clockwise - confusing. Also, maximum times are a bit low: 15 minutes = 90 degrees. 30 minutes = 180 degrees. 45 minutes = 270 degrees. 60 minutes = 360 degrees. If you bear all these things in mind, you'll hopefully be happy with the unit. I'm not unhappy, just a teensy bit disappointed.
Sid - 19th June 2013
Firebox says: Thanks Sid we love feedback from our customers, both positive and negative and this is a brilliantly balanced review. Sorry to hear that you are a little disappointed in this product, someone from our team will contact you shortly regarding this.
Great item! Ok its a glorified egg timer that holds your camer, but it works well! You can set it for the time it rotates (duration), but not the speed of rotation. However it works brilliantly!
Floss - 3rd June 2013
Tip to everyone! Don't use the normal camera app on the iPhone, it does this odd zoom in, zoom out focusing. If you get and app like Filmic, you can lock focus, aperture, etc and will come out with a much clearer, professional picture.
Scott Rooney - 23rd May 2013