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Mystery Boxes

Let fate decide

Mystery Boxes

Let fate decide

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  • The antidote to terrible and unimaginative gift-giving
  • Take a risk. Treat yourself. Treat someone else. It's guilt-free!
  • Heaps better than giving someone cold soulless cash
  • Give people something they weren't expecting for heaven's sake
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Virtually everyone you know already has everything they want. They have everything they want, because they asked for it. And then you bought it for them. They sent you their Amazon wishlist and you picked from it. Or they bought it themselves and then said ‘oh just give me the money for it’. What a travesty.

Where’s the surprise eh? The mystery. The fidgety suspense. The giddy uncertainty. The face-pulling preparation in case you don’t like it but have to pretend you do. Just what is going on with people?

Has it really reached a point where we only want what we've chosen ourselves? How upsetting. There was a time when gift-giving used to have some proper courage. Out of a driving desire to impress and amaze, people took a risk. Got you something you weren’t expecting. Hell, receiving a gift used to be an experience. It meant something.

Now we know it’s easier said than done. We know finding and choosing cool gifts is hard. That’s where the Mystery Box works its magic, because we do all that for you! It’s the antidote to this terrible and unimaginative affliction. It gives you the priceless gift of anticipation. An injection of excitement and wonder. And in some cases even deflation.

It also lets you off the hook as you didn’t know what was in it either! It’s your guilt-free gifting silver bullet.

Treat yourself. Treat someone else. Just treat them to a bit of mystery. Put your fate in our hands.

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Please Note:
  • As these boxes are pre-picked, the contents of each Themed Box will remain the same regardless of how many you buy.
  • Unlike Pandora’s version, opening this box won’t signal the end of existence
  • Due to the nature of some of the contents in the Unusual Box and Booze Box, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.
Booze Box: This item cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years old.
If you purchase this item with a debit card that is available to under 18s, we may need to contact you to request proof of your age before your order is despatched.

Gadget Box: Due to the nature of the contents we advise that this box is for customers over the age of 16.

Five themes available:
  • Fun & Games Box – for the young at heart (both literally and figuratively).
  • Booze Box – for the loveable booze-hound who enjoys a (many) drink(s).
  • Gadget Box – you guessed it!
  • Home & Lifestyle Box – to spruce up someone's dreary abode.
  • Unusual Box – full of things that didn't fit into the other categories.

Customer Reviews

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Wow. The unusual mystery box was pure genius. A couple of things for me that were fab and a couple that I traded for chocolate with my hubby! I'll defo buy one again next year.
Michelle, Stoke On Trent - 27th December 2013
I bought the gadget box for my Dad for Xmas. It was a great supervise and the products would have cost a lot more to buy separately. Great gadgets that I would not have noticed myself. An amazing Christmas surprise. I will be ordering one next year and buying a lot more in the future.
LSHUCK, Preston, UK - 27th December 2013
Every year I buy a mystery box or two and spread the items around to my family and close friends. Watching their faces when they have to dip into the box and grab a prezzie is always a laugh! Keep 'em coming Firebox!!
Kylie, Birmingham - 28th November 2013
Firebox says: Hey Kylie, Glad to hear the Mystery Boxes are bringing the people around you Mysterious joy. Sympathy for whoever grabs contents from the spicy box though. Phew!
I think I must have all the mystery boxes now, they so amazing and there's even stuff in there you don't expect and not even on the website yet :) well done firebox you amazing.
Dawn Newman, United Kingdom - 18th November 2013
Firebox says: No, Dawn. Thank YOU. You are amazing.
I bought a gadget box for my husband and he loved it! It was really cool and I was really happy with the products we got in the box. We use them all the time!
Stephanie Carr, Tyne And Wear - 20th October 2013
I'm kind of in a pickle. . This christmas instead of wasting time worrying about what to get people my boyfriend and I decided to get a few of these boxes, just to mix it up really. . But with the price and the lack of knowing whats inside. . I wonder if theres anyway you guys could help out?! I doubt it would be something I wouldnt like - I am ADDICTED to Firebox :) THANKS!
Heather, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland - 3rd October 2013
Firebox says: