Catch 22 Vodka

If in doubt, it’s your shout

Catch 22 Vodka

If in doubt, it’s your shout

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Stuck trying to decide what booze to buy for your next bash? Or just looking to spice up your cocktail recipes with some fabulous new flavours? Put some Catch 22 Vodka on your tab.

Thanks to the work of some slightly sloshed scientists, we’re able to bring you some pretty far-out flavours. Including Cherry Cola, Choc Chip and Tropical.

More of an ‘alcoholic drink’ than a flavoured spirit and perfect in a mixer or straight up, choosing your next vodka isn’t really a tricky choice.

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Product Features:
  • Flavours include: Cherry Cola, Chocolate Chip and Tropical
  • Alcohol content of 22%
  • Measures approximately 6.5cm(W) x 6.5cm(D) x 28cm(H)
  • Contains approximately 500ml

Customer Reviews

I'm not really a fan of alcohol but I am rather fond of cherry flavoured things. This is very tasty, you can't taste the alcohol in it at all but it is a bit on the potent side! I have half a shot of this in some chilled Dr Pepper, lovely on a warm summer day! The only problem I had is the thread on the cap has gone & I can no longer seal the bottle!
Em Norton - 27th July 2013
The drink is awesome, tastes sweet and it doesn't choke you, great job!!
Aaron Moore - 1st May 2013
Bought the marshmallow vodka for a friend's 21st! It went down a treat! Leaves a delicious after taste unlike straight normal vodka! 100% recommend (: Chin chin!
Rebekah - 29th April 2013
Holy Butts guys. This stuff delivered in two days, tastes delicious AND there was a packet of gummy sweets in the box. You guys sure do spoil a gal.
Maddie - 12th March 2013
Firebox says: Our pleasure Maddie, happy to hear you like the Vodka!
The Marshmallow Catch 22 is so so good - we will definitely buy it next time we have a celebration !!
Paul Ryan - 15th January 2013
Just wondering if you could tell me would this last me and my friends (approx 6)about 4 shots each? thanks.
Ethan - 6th December 2012
Firebox says: Depends on how big your shots are Ethan. We reckon about 3 each though!