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Hold the phone


Hold the phone

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Strong magnet holds keys in place

Looking to add a bit of minimal, magnetic – nay, even magical – storage space to your humble abode?

Made from treated timber, with sturdy wall-mounting brackets the Plank has a magnetic underside and by following the simply instructions, you’ll have ‘floating’ shelves in no time.

Then you can safely store your phone or wallet on top, while hanging keys and assorted metal objects from the underside. It’s a magnetic marvel.

installation/mounting instructions

Easy to install

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Please Note:
  • Requires installation and a screwdriver
Product Features:
  • Plank
  • Wall-mounting brackets and screws
  • Measures approximately 8cm(W) x 1cm(D) x 14cm(H)

Customer Reviews

I bought this. I Love this. Not had any problem with my iPhone nor my wallet with my Oyster card and contactless bank cards on top. It's just a brilliant, neat way of storing all the essentials in one place and the keys on the magnet is genius.
Dervis Kemal, London - 20th December 2012
I love the idea of no hooks for the keys, this will make an excellent talking piece for our guests.
Niall Bannister, Gloucester - 29th October 2012
If placing your wallet or mobile on top of this be aware that strong magnets can de-magnatise your bank cards rendering them useless and mobile batterys can also drain suddenly.
K8bek, Uk - 29th October 2012
Firebox says: Hello, we've checked with the suppliers and they reckon there is no danger of this damaging your phone or cards.