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USB Toast Hand Warmers

Stay toasty while you type

USB Toast Hand Warmers

Stay toasty while you type

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One size fits most hand sizes!

Keyboards these days can get really cold. Whether you’re typing up a memo in the office, or finishing that overdue assignment in class; typing can be a chilly business.

But you don’t have to be a survivalist to realise that there’s a simple and convenient way to warm our hands, and its right under our noses. Toast. Warm, toasty, toast. It’s the perfect size to cover your hands and easy to strap on without affecting your ability to type.

Of course if we were to use actual hot bread, you’d get crumbs all over your keyboard, and toast gets cold notoriously quickly. Not to mention that you might get peckish and eat your hand warmers, and we all know how that goes.

So it’s lucky that we found these USB Toast Hand Warmers, combining the genius of toast with the handy reheating ability of USB power and the convenience of adjustable settings.

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usb and controls

Control the temperature of each warmer

Please Note:
  • Require a USB connection
  • Cannot be enjoyed as part of a healthy breakfast
  • Not suitable for children under 6
  • Price is for one pair of hand warmers
Product Features:
  • USB powered hand warming
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Adjustable strap allows for a snug fit
  • 1.5m USB cord (included)
Technical Specifications:
  • Compatible with PC, MacOS, Linux and basically any USB-enabled device
  • Each hand measures approximately 14cm(W) x 3cm(D) x 14cm(H)
  • Each hand weighs approximately 57g
  • One size (fits most hands)

Customer Reviews

I LOVE these! I got mine for Christmas, after pestering my brother and sister to buy them for me... and they are really handy! (get it!?) Great for if you work in a cold office =] I would highly recommend these! Thanking you!!!
Sophie Ross - 7th January 2013
I love these I bought them for my granddaughter there great must have!
Nicole Appelbottom - 24th November 2012