Heated Sock Animals

Feeling chilly? Sock it up!

Heated Sock Animals

Feeling chilly? Sock it up!


  •  Cuddle up with these unbelievably cute and cosy critters
  •  Heat up in the microwave in mere minutes
  •  Infused with the soothing scent of lavender
  •  The perfect toasty companion for those long, chilly nights
  •  They possess a comforting weight, feels great sat on your lap


Sick of your worn out water bottle? That electric blanket on the blink? Maybe the kids just want something warm to snuggle up with? Why not upgrade your personal heating accessories with an assortment of Heated Sock Animals?

Fully microwaveable and infused with the aroma of French Lavender, these adorable accessories are the perfect companions for those long, chilly nights.

Available in seven different styles, you can collect all the characters for when you’ve got cold company.

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • French Lavender is famous for being Napoleon’s preferred aroma – in fact he was holding an early prototype of this product to his chest in that famous picture
  • Always follow instructions and take care when using the microwave
Product Features:
  • 7 unbelievably cute designs – Bandito, Bunty the Bunny, Curtis the Cat, Diddly the Cow, Flunky the Monkey, Teddy the Tiger, Wag the Dog
  • Heats up in the microwave in a matter of minutes
  • Scented with lavender
  • Each animal measures approximately 20cm(H) x 12cm(H) x 12cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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I love these guys. I have a chronic pain condition and heat is one of the only things that provide me with relief. I've got a few of these and they are brilliant and really comforting. They are some of the best microwaveable toys out there, hold the heat for ages and are wonderfully soft and cosy.
Charlie - 13th September 2014
It's absolutely great, I bought it for my girlfriend and she loved it! Even though it came a little late, I wasn't too bothered as it is such a great gift and would highly recommend it.
Patryk Seaman - 29th December 2013
Awesome!!! Bought one for a gift, now buying another for a gift. Then hopefully will buy another for myself! Love these!!
Lisa J - 29th November 2013
What a brilliant product! Came faster than any online product we have purchased before! Very soft and cosy when it's heated and overall fantastic for those cold winter days! Amazing customer service from firebox and I will certainly be visiting your site again!
Izzy Huggett - 9th February 2013