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Lifeproof Nuud for iPad

Water-tight protection for your iPad

Lifeproof Nuud for iPad

Water-tight protection for your iPad

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Using Lifeproof Nuud for iPad in the kitchen

Great for aggressive bakers

Pretty much everything has a touchscreen these days. The touchy-feely experience sure beats boring old buttons, but it does make protecting your devices tricky. This is where the very Scandinavian sounding Lifeproof Nüüd Case for iPad comes in, like some kind of scantily clad Nordic god.

The Nüüd Case doesn’t have a screen cover, thereby avoiding those annoying bubbles and lack of sensitivity. Instead, it focuses all its efforts on protecting your iPad from damage whether you’re on the road, in a boat or even caught in a sneaky snow-storm.

With a very official protection rating of IP68, it’ll stand up to everything you can throw at it, including dirt, dust, snow and drops of up to 4 feet. The camera lens has a glass cover, and thanks to the Sound Enhancement System, the audio output is actually improved.

The case creates a total seal, and the audio jack screws watertight, ensuring you can even take it for a swim… and who hasn’t wanted to go swimming with their iPad?

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Please Note:
  • Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad Gen 3
Product Features:
  • Water-tight protection for your iPad
  • Submerge your iPad up to 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes
  • Lightweight, high-impact materials
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Full access to all functions via sealed ports
  • Sound Enhancement System means improved audio
Technical Specifications:
  • Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad Gen 3
  • Rate for:
    • Full submersion in water up to 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes
    • IP68 protection from snow and ice
    • Sealed from Dirt and Dust particles
    • Shock proof with survivability up to 4 feet
  • Measures approximately 28cm(W) x 2.5cm(D) x 26.5cm(H)

Customer Reviews

I'm shortly going away to a nice dry sunny desert, as such I needed something that's airtight and protective to stop dust and sand getting to my precious ipad. That's where the life proof nuud comes in, after a very fast delivery from firebox I had my very strong very tough case. Not only does this case feel like I could jump on it and it would survive, IT'S WATERPROOF!!!!! (Ive tested it) Which also means sand proof. Thank you firebox and thank you lifeproof.
Ben Lovley, Lincolnshire - 29th December 2012

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