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EST. 1998
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Telephoto Cooking Timer

Perfect timing is a (happy) snap

Telephoto Cooking Timer

Perfect timing is a (happy) snap

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Twisting to set the time

Twist to set the time

Love cooking, but can’t seem to boil an egg? Like most lifestyle activities we enjoy, it’s all in the timing.

But thankfully, now you can maintain your focus while cooking with this (almost) to scale cooking timer, based on an SLR camera lens. Did someone say cheese?

To operate, simply turn the Telephoto Cooking Timer to your required time - as depicted by the numbers on the side – and this amazing device will automatically alert you when your designated amount of time has expired. Revolutionary stuff.

Cooking the perfect dish is a (happy) snap with this photogenic timer.

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Features and markings

Replica features and markings

Please Note:
  • Will not function as an actual lens
  • This is an analogue timer, so be warned it's not as accurate as digital timer. From our tests it's accurate within 10%, so more for your quirky kitchen than Masterchef
Product Features:
  • Modelled on a black 24-105 f/4 lens
  • Winds up manually
  • Measures approximately 5.7cm(W) x 5.7cm(D) x 8.3cm(H)

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