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Pac-Man IR Racers

Pac-Man IR Racers

Whakka whakka

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Remote control styled like a joystick. Proper retro.

Take the game outside of the arcade with these officially licenced Pac-Man IR remote controlled racers.

The Pac-Man IR Racers feature everyone’s favourite munching yellow mouth and a certain ghostly opponent. You can chase (imaginary) cherries and assorted fruits to the authentic sound effects of the original game, and change directions with the flick of the joystick controllers.

Perfect for vintage video gamers, or anyone looking for a bit of retro recreation.

animation of the Pac-Man IR Racers

Waakkka Waakkka

More Information

Please Note:
  • Requires line of sight and reasonable proximity
  • Batteries not included
Product Features:
  • IR remote-controlled Pac-Man and Blinky
  • Original sound effects
  • Officially licenced
Battery Requirements:
  • Each racer requires 3xAAA – not included
  • Each controller requires 4xAAA – not included
  • Each racer measures approximately 8cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 9cm(H)
  • Each controller measures approximately 9cm(W) x 7cm(D) x 9cm(H)