MonkeyLectric LED Bike Light

Spin the light fantastic

MonkeyLectric LED Bike Light

Spin the light fantastic

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Rugged and efficient, these high-performance lights will ensure you stay visible in all weather conditions. Of course, if all you want is to stay visible, just strap a torch to your head with some gaffer tape. With the MonkeyLectric LED Bike Lights you’ll be putting on a disco lightshow for everyone in the area.

Fundamentally the same, the M210 version features 10 LED lights and 20 different themes, while the M232 adds a whopping 32 LEDs and 48 themes to your ride. Utilising the MonkeyFX system, each unit can be programmed to perform various shows, turning your spinning wheels into a surrealist piece of performance art. You can even have multiple units per wheel, and the multiple features mean each wheel can be be-spoke.

When not in use, the MonkeyLectric unit is inconspicuous and won’t impact on your ride, but can be removed easily if necessary. Fantastic for festivals, night riders or anyone a bit bored with their bike, these LEDs make for some wheelie great light-art.

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Please Note:
  • Road legal in most areas, if in doubt, check with local authorities
Product Features:
  • 100% waterproof
  • Full colour graphic LEDs
  • Wide-angle visibility
  • Separate, hub-mounted battery keeps things balanced
  • Durable, solid rubber construction
  • Stainless steel strap
  • MonkeyFX creates animated life art
  • 10 ultra-bright LEDs (M210)
  • 32 ultra-bright LEDs (M232)
  • 20 themes with 100s of combinations (M210)
  • 48 themes with 100s of combinations (M232)
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AA batteries – not included
  • Fits 20” and larger wheels
  • M210 light measures approximately 13.5cm(W) x 1cm(D) x 5.4cm(H)
  • M210 light weighs approximately 40g
  • M232 light measures approximately 16.5cm(W) x 11cm(D) x 1cm(H)
  • M232 light weighs approximately 65g
  • Each battery Holder measures approximately 8.5cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 3.8cm(H)
  • Each battery Holder weighs approximately 68g (without batteries)

Customer Reviews

So.... Do they fit Bromptons?
Paolo Caldato - 22nd November 2012
Firebox says: According to Monkeylectric's Twitter feed, they should do: on bikes with 16" treads, there needs to be a minimum 40mm gap in the wheel hub to accommodate the battery.
Is the product suitable to use in the rain? I live in a very wet area and in Winter I expect I may splash it with mud often too. Can I use this without damaging it and can I maintain it by cleaning it?
Martyn - 21st November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Martyn, the lights are 100% waterproof. But it doesn’t hurt to keep 'em clean!
Hi! Super interested in this awesome gadget. So, you would have to buy two M232, so that you could have one for each wheel correct? How long would the batteries usually last if imagine being run continuously? Also, won't the cable get wrangled up in the wheel? Thx! :).
RĂºben - 2nd November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Rúben, you would have to buy one for each wheel yes. The cable shouldn't get wrangled up as if you put in the middle of the wheel it will just revolve through the center of the mechanics... On the suppliers website they say that with 3AA batteries the light should last for around 20 hours. Hope this helps! :)
Does the M232 contain only one light or one for each wheel?
Ryan - 1st November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Ryan! These contain one in each pack.