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Arcane Arcade Table

Absolute arcade action

Elegant interior design meets unadulterated retro excellence
Comes with over 100 pre-installed classic retro games
Watch movies, play games, listen to music or browse the web
Built-in flat screen TV with a draw full of nostalgic gaming controls
Won't indignantly charge you 50p every time you want to play

Delivery Information
Due to the incredibly exclusive nature of this product, delivery will be 1-2 months from point of order.
Whether you’re an avid gamer, a retro aficionado or just in need of an awesome new place to rest your hot drinks, the Arcane Arcade Table is the most elegant piece of playable furniture we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Featuring over 100 gaming greats from across the ages, you can play a bit of Bubble Bobble over breakfast, Legend of Kage at lunch and a spot of Dungeon Crawl before dinner. Plus, it's MAME compatible allowing you to add endless emulators of all your favourite consoles and arcades, for even greater gaming goodness.

But it doesn’t end there. By taking advantage of the built-in Pentium Dual Core processor, 500GB hard disk and Ethernet ports, you can watch movies, play music and even browse the Internet on the built-in LCD flat screen.

The fold-out control station features authentic joysticks, spinner, trackball and a brace of buttons for up to two players, so you can feel like you’re back at the arcade from the comfort of your living room. Each table also comes equipped with two 30 watt speakers built in to each end of the table, ideal for booming out your favourite tunes or immersing yourself in the world of Pong.

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Please Note:
  • No coins need to be inserted
Product Features:
  • Available in solid Walnut or Oak as standard, but optional timbers available
  • Over 100 pre-installed retro games (full list available here)
  • MAME-compatibility and flexible front-end means you can easily add emulators
  • 6mm toughened glass table top
  • Easily connect to the internet
  • Play movies, music and programs
Technical Specifications:
  • Software:
    • Powered by Windows 7 Home Premium
    • GameEx intuitive front-end
    • Taito Legends 1&2, Midway Arcade treasures Deluxe and Atari Anniversary Edition
    • MAME™ compatible retro-gaming platform
  • Computer:
    • Intel® Pentium Dual Core CPU
    • 500GB hard disk
    • 802.11g wireless network adaptor
    • 4GB Ram
    • DVD/CD-RW drive
  • Hardware:
    • 26" LCD TFT wide viewing angle
    • RJ45 Ethernet 10/100Mb connector
    • HDMI output
    • 2x USB extension ports for plug & play capability
    • 2x 30W amplifier with unique discreet speaker design
    • Sanwa joysticks and buttons
    • Happ illuminated Trackball
    • Ultimarc arcade spinner
    • Programmable keyboard encoder
  • Measures approximately 70cm(W) x 120cm(L) x 43cm(H)