Podtime Sleeping Pods

Shippable, stackable, sleeping sanctuary

Podtime Sleeping Pods

Shippable, stackable, sleeping sanctuary

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Grab 40 winks whenever you need to

How many times have you felt tired while strolling in your local forest? Maybe you frequently need a nap while attending conferences or large sporting events? Sick of walking upstairs to your bedroom every night? We understand. Sometimes, life just gets a bit much and you need a quick snooze to recharge your batteries.

Well, now you can rest easy in the knowledge that a solution is here. Never again will you think to yourself ‘Curses! If only I had a comfortable, stylish and secure sleeping compartment right now’. Because that’s precisely what the Podtime Sleeping Pod is. A practically indestructible polycarbonate tube, with heavy-duty frosted doors, a luxurious fitted mattress and outstanding air circulation; meaning you can relax in comfort and privacy.

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Create and customise your own pod

Already hugely popular in places with dense populations and limited space, the Podtime Sleeping Pods are flat-packable for easy transport or storage and allow you to set up your bedroom anywhere that takes your fancy. Plus, for those who like their lie-ins extra luxurious, there are a number of options to pimp out your Pod.

Think of it as your shippable, stackable, sleeping sanctuary.

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Product Features:
  • Various colours
  • Built-in storage shelf and rack
  • Mirror
  • LED lights
  • Mains power points
  • Can be packed flat for transport or storage
  • Easily transportable
  • Can be stacked two levels high
  • Pimp your Pod with features such as: Secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD, leather covered mattress, digital radio and alarm clock as well as various personalisation/branding options
  • Measures approximately 1.2m(W) x 2.1m(L)
  • Weighs approximately 100kgs

Customer Reviews

Do they do a double bed version?
Ness - 9th September 2013
Firebox says: There are a whole range of Pods available with Podtime, including a double bunk version!
Question: Is this sleep pod a good soundproofing solution against a noisy upstairs neighbor?
Chisel - 15th April 2013
Firebox says: Yes it would be, however its quite an expensive and drastic option to take!
It says 'various colours' but what exactly changes colour? and what colours are there?
Bryony Lister - 8th April 2013
Firebox says: Hey Bryony, these are made to order so you specify a colour when ordering!
I have to say, out of everything from the WTF series this one's actually really reasonably priced!
Chris - 20th November 2012
Does it fold up to fit in your car?
Matt - 19th November 2012
Just asking about how much would the tv cost?
Cameron - 31st October 2012
Firebox says: Hi Cameron. I've had a word with our suppliers, and they estimate the cost at an additional £150. Alternatively, you could always buy a TV yourself and plug it into one of the power points.