Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker

Mr Boombotix, say me fantastic

Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker

Mr Boombotix, say me fantastic

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Cool designs, powerful sounds

Fusing urban style with quality audio, the Boombotix Street Speaker utilises Bluetooth to create a truly portable package. Clip it to your belt, slip it in a bag or attach it to a bike for travelling tunes, or just keep it perched on your desk for some stationary songs.

The battery takes about an hour to recharge via USB and offers 8 hours of runtime, while the sturdy construction is showerproof, making it a great companion no matter where, or how wide you roam. Plus, thanks to the Bluetooth compatibility, you won’t even need cables (although there’s an aux input, just in case you feel the need).


Pair wirelessly using Bluetooth

Girl with bag

Clip onto your bag, or your clothes

Optional bike mount

Even onto your handlebars

The Boombotix offer more than just a great portable speaker, they are a total mobile audio system. The patented SoundHub™ technology flips the audio jack from an input to an output, letting you connect stream audio into your Boombotix and out of pretty much any speaker system.

Available in 4 colours:
Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker

BB2 Camouflage

BB2 Carbon Fiber

BB2 Purplex Purple

BB2 Gunmetal Grey

Perfect for anyone looking for a hassle free, portable speaker, that sounds great and looks terrific. And if you're looking for total stereo sound you can daisy chain multiple Boombotix speakers for more powerful sound!

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Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker

Optional bicycle handlebar mount

Please Note:
  • Wireless use requires Bluetooth enabled device
  • Bike mount is an optional accessory and will fit handlebars between 25.4mm to 31.8mm in diameter
Product Features:
  • Creative design and sturdy construction
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • SoundHub™ technology allowing you to make any stero system wireless
  • Daisy chain multiple Boombotix speakers via mini jack to create a virtual stereo experience
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB connection
Technical Specifications:
  • Loudness - 94dB@2ft (wired)/83dB@2ft
  • Audio Input1/8"/3.5mm female jack
  • Power 3W rated/5W max
  • Measures approximately 9.6cm(W) x 5.4cm(D) x 9.2cm(H)

Customer Reviews

The description says shower proof what exactly does that mean? It is water resistant, waterproof?
Maria - 7th December 2012
Firebox says: Its waterproof to some extent Maria, although we wouldn't recommend throwing this in Lake Alaska, it may not fair to well!
I use this speaker via bluetooth paired with my iphone and it works really well. The sound clarity is great, I love the design and that is can withstand the elements and take a few knocks – it survived Vfestival being kicked around the campsite so good enough for me! My son also keeps wanting to use mine and I hear you can also pair multiple speakers so may purchase another one sometime in the future. Highly recommended!
Marc - 28th August 2012
This speaker packs some punch. The sound is topnotch. I skate on the regular so this thing gets thrashed a bit, but it holds up well. I will buy future products from this company.
Rand Owens - 14th August 2012
Im so happy I got a boombot for my birthday!! It has this awesome clip on the back of it that I clip on my backpack and bike with it all over the city. Its loud and the bass is surprisingly good for how small and cheap it was!
Sara Sonic (@Sara_Sonic) - 14th August 2012
I recently got the bluetooth BB2 units and I gotta say that the sound output is impressive for such a little guy. I'd say it is like a Jawbone Jambox but with a little bit less bass. What really sold me on this guy is the built on clip for added portability and versatility. First thing I did was charge it up, and then went riding on a rampage through the city with my finest records blasting. A VERY fun and useful piece to my gadget collection.
Max Jennings - 13th August 2012
Firebox says: That is great news Max, we hope you get plenty more joy from your Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker