London Underground Tube Tent

Mind the gap

London Underground Tube Tent

Mind the gap

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  •  Re-live those glorious nights out – drift off to sleep on the train
  •  Bloody huge – modelled on a Northern Line tube carriage
  •  Seven different compartments, sleeps 16 adults comfortably
  •  Curious smells, irritable commuters and lovable buskers not included
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Due to the incredibly exclusive nature of this product, delivery will be 14-21 days from point of order.



The city. The big smoke. The concrete jungle. Call it what you like, it's rampant with hordes of mindless tourists and irritable commuters and at some point you're going to think about getting out of town. But forget those long bus rides, overpriced airfares and dingy hotel rooms; because in a surprising twist TFF (Transport for Firebox) has arranged for you to take the tube to your next vacation.

With the London Underground Tube Tent, the Northern Line just got extended indefinitely. Able to pack in around 72 people at a stretch, and sleep 16 comfortably over five different compartments; it’s an excellent option for parties, large-scale camping and epic sleep overs. Plus, since you can stay on board as long as you want and no inspectors are invited, you can literally party all night.

So, if you’re planning your next trainspotters trip, escaping London for a few weeks, or just looking for an original venue for an epic backyard party, mind the gap and all aboard.

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Please Note:
  • TFF is not a registered, or realistic transport organisation
Product Features:
  • Modelled on a Northern Line carriage
  • 7 zip-separated compartments in total
  • 2 side doors and a drivers door
  • Doors open, just like on the original
  • Fly sheet doors separate inner compartments
  • Officially licensed
Technical Specifications:
  • Waterproof groundsheet is velcroed into the inside of tent
  • Sleeps 16 adults
  • Measures approximately 250cm(W) x 1550cm(L) x 190cm(H)
  • Standing room for approximately 72 adults

Customer Reviews

'fantastic'brilliant idea for cubs/scouts/brownies/guides etc. A bit pricey! But alot easier than putting 4 individual tents for 4.
Clare - 8th February 2013
Why do you put stuff like this on your website?! No-one buys anything like this! I mean it's cool and I wish I could get it but, anyway... Do you buy the stock before someone buys it or when someone makes an order do you buy the stock and deliver?
Edward Garrod - 4th December 2012
Firebox says: It's made by our supplier, we've sold two of these so far! Once we have an order we let our supplier know and this gets built. Build it and they will come.