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World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

High class hoover

World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

High class hoover

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Due to the incredibly exclusive nature of this product, delivery will be 6-8 weeks from point of order.



red carpet lifestyle

Perfect for cleaning the red carpet

Ever wondered how really, really, really, really rich people spend their time?

Well it’s a little known fact that once they’ve moored the yacht at the marina, they’ll often drive one of their 216 vintage super-cars to the airstrip and take the personal jet to the secluded 600 room mansion on the private tropical island, and then they’ll take the World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner out of the closet, and do some vacuuming.

That’s right. Even the mind-bogglingly wealthy like a bit of therapeutic cleaning, and the main difference is that when they clean, they use an £800000, 24k gold-plated, high-performance vacuum to do it. Perfect for picking up loose bundles of cash, stocks and bonds or any leftover blood-diamonds that might be lying about.


Solid gold components

So if you’re a clean-freak reading this on route to your luxury space station or you just won the lottery and need some spring cleaning, we’re waiting for your call. If not, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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Please Note:
  • This is a really, really, really, really expensive vacuum cleaner
Product Features:
  • Limited edition – only 100 produced
  • Each unit is engraved with official serial number
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • 14” extra-wide cleaning nozzle with roller-brush attachment
  • Non-slip urethane wheels
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 24kt gold plating
  • 10amp high-performance motor
  • Weighs approximately 7.5kg

Customer Reviews

Mandy Richold, Bury St Edmunds - 30th April 2014
This is amazing vacuum thanks so much people get your wallets out and spend.
Estelle, Ipswich - 21st July 2013
If I send it to cash for gold will I get my money back?
Robyn, England - 5th March 2013
Firebox says: Wooah you're seriously saying that you'd prefer the gold value of this Vacuum Cleaner rather than an elegant and luxurious cleaning machine? We sincerely hope not!
I took delivery of mine today, I live in a second flloor apartment and the fricken hoover's just fallen through the flloor to the apartment below. No damage to the hoover, but the guy downstairs has a hallmark on his forehead.
Hugh Janus, Nobottle - 16th December 2012

Daniel, Huntingdon - 17th November 2012
Firebox says: I'm afraid you will have to do a little saving up, or maybe some heavy hinting for Christmas.
Is it actually better than a regular Hoover?
Elliot, England - 27th October 2012
Firebox says: We haven't had the privilege of being able to test it Elliot, but surely anything made of gold is better than the ordinary?
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