Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft

It's a boat, it's a plane..

Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft

It's a boat, it's a plane..

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Cruise along the water

Simply put, this is the lovechild of every amazing vehicle, ever designed by mankind. Letting you rule the waves, the air and every terrain in between.

The manual for the Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft is full of exciting buzzwords like; twin-cylinder, turbocharged, fuel-injector and thrust propeller. It's capable of carrying up to 540kg and reaching speeds of nearly 126km/h, and with a cruising range of over 250kms, it’s fairly safe to say that the Hoverwing is not messing about.


We have lift off! Fly over choppy seas and uneven terrain with ease

on the land

Perfect on any terrain

So, we’ve got a floating speed-machine, made from a super strong fibreglass/PVC composite, that can carry 4 people over pretty much any terrain you can think of. Then they added wings.

The increased elevation means that you can glide for long distances and achieve clearance heights of up to 6 feet, making even choppy seas and small inclines a breeze. Eat your heart out James Bond.

Utilising standard joystick and throttle controls, as well as a variable drive system for the lift fan, this hovercraft only requires a boat licence in most countries. Plus, the Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft comes fitted with lights, safety equipment and storage compartments as standard, as well as a range of optional accessories.

We’ll even throw in a paddle, not that you’ll need it.

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Please Note:
  • Licence regulations differ, so please check with your local authorities
  • Range may vary depending on conditions and flight speed
  • Payload of 450kgs in flight mode, 540 when in hover mode
Product Features:
  • 240hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, turbocharged gas engine
  • ‘Unsinkable’ Composite fiberglass/foam construction
  • 60” thrust propeller
  • 1100rpm 34”, 4-blade lift fan
  • Durable vinyl-coated nylon ‘hover’ skirt
  • Kevlar composite landing skids
  • 2x 34 litre tanks provide a 225km range when cruising
  • Clearance of 28cm – 610cm
  • Measures approximately 5.79m(L) x 2.33m(W) x 1.98m(H)
  • Weighs approximately 520kg

Customer Reviews

Bought one to travel to and from work after cooking chips and curry sauce in world record time.
Alex Mak - 13th October 2013
Please tell me there is a button that makes the wings pop out. Possibly accompanied by that noise that Optimus Prime always made when transforming....
Dan - 14th December 2012
What could possibly go wrong?
Elaine - 9th December 2012
I'm a bit skint, all I've got is a fiver and a curly wurly. Will that cover it?
Chris - 27th November 2012
Firebox says: Throw in a Fredo and you may just have a deal!
Is it possible to use one of these in the United Kingdom?
Jake Walker - 26th November 2012
Firebox says: Yep it certainly is Jake!
Is there any second hand ones available as I can't afford a new one.
Stephen Maginnis - 19th November 2012
Firebox says: Unfortunately not Stephen, only shiny brand new ones!