Give your iPhone a boost


Give your iPhone a boost

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Boost your battery on-the-go baby (nice tan not included)

Let’s face it. The iPhone has changed our whole lives; and we’ve come to depend on them like needy (but oh, so cool) puppies. Sadly, the battery isn’t exactly ‘long-life’ and the last thing anyone wants is to be midway through an epic Angry Birds session, or chased up a tree by amorous bears when suddenly, devastatingly, it all goes blank.

So what’s the alternative? Some kind of portable wind up generator you carry around in a backpack? Not unless you’re a radio operator in WWI. Perhaps a battery-pack that quadruples the size of your iPhone? No thanks Gordon Gekko, we remember the 1980’s. Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that we bring you the amazing Boostcase.

Fit the snap case on

Fit the snap case on


Slide onto the battery sleeve

phone charged

Battery back to 100%

This impressive hybrid system combines gorgeous design and clever technology into a solution so simple we’re frankly amazed that no one thought of it before. You see, the Boostcase’s hybrid system is a two-parter; meaning that you get a standalone snap case AND a detachable battery sleeve. This way, they can be used separately or formed like Voltron to almost double your battery life without sacrificing function, style or portability.

side view

I'm Slim Sase-y, the real Slim Case-y

The case is a slim fitting, snap-on plastic shell, finished to a high standard and available in a veritable rainbow of colours. It leaves all the usual areas freely accessible, while still providing solid protection. The tapered battery sleeve is equally well made, and boasts a serious 1900mAh of recharging power; and the standard iPhone docking plug means it can be connected or removed easily once you’re all charged up.


From L-R: the battery sleeve, snap case and colours available
More Snap Case colours available here

Best of all, you don’t need to camp out by the power outlet, or spend hours searching for an adaptor. Simply slip the battery sleeve out of your bag and clip it on and you’ll be charging on the go. So put down that sad sack of batteries, stop living in fear of those lustful bears and give your iPhone a much needed boost in the battery department, with the all new Boostcase.

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Please Note:
  • Apologies to our many non-iPhone using friends, we also consider your phone a status symbol too
  • Currently only available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
  • More Snap Case colour options available here
Product Features:
  • Durable and slim construction
  • Sync and Charge simultaneously
  • External battery and audio level indicators
Techincal Specifications:
  • 1900MAH Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery pack
  • Snap-on Case measures approximately 6cm(W) x .2cm(D) x 11.5cm(H)
  • Snap-on Case weighs approximately 0.14g
  • Battery Sleeve measures approximately 12.2cm(W) x 1.8cm(D) x 12.2cm(H)
  • Battery Sleeve weighs approximately 0.62g

Customer Reviews

Do you know when the White/White Boostcase will become available for being sent out?
Connor - 9th December 2012
Firebox says: Not until 2013 Sorry Connor!
Soo this battery will last forever ? And you just charge the battery pack up too do you?
Laura - 23rd November 2012
Firebox says: Simple as just charging it up. Might last ever so slightly less than forever, though...
So how does the charging part work?
Steve - 4th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Steve, it comes with a USB cable, charge it via your computer, or via the mains if you have a USB plug.
Superb addition to iPhone. Makes lasting a full day on a single charge a breeze. I occasionally travel on the Tube and the battery dies quicker as it is always hunting for a signal - not any more :) Doesn't add too much bulk and the black case also has a 'grippy' feel to it.
Alan Tompkins - 9th August 2012
Sam - 29th June 2012
Firebox says: Not yet Sam, but hopefully soon!
Any chance you might be getting those for the Ipod Generation 3 anytime soon?
Ryan Amesbury - 22nd June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Ryan, the Boostcase is only designed for the iPhone 4 & 4S I'm afraid, and to the best of our knowledge there is not one for the 3rd Gen iPod in the pipeline.