Roller Rock Glass

Give it a swirl

Roller Rock Glass

Give it a swirl

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  •  A step above the average tumbler
  •  Cools perfectly without diluting excessively
  •  Unique rock shaped base creates a liquid swirling motion
  •  Release rich scents and flavours with the flick of a wrist


The renaissance-era lampshade casts a warm, crimson glow across the bar. A piano tinkles in the corner of the small, dark stage. Many expensive, leather bound books line the walls and there is a slight scent of rich mahogany. Impossibly attractive people lounge in decadent, shadowy alcoves. Cigar smoke hangs like pungent blue smog above your head.

It’s been a tough week. But when it comes time to unwind, you deserve the best.

The amber liquid catches the light as you swirl the Dalmore 62 gently. The unique moulded base of your Roller Rock Glass creates a natural flowing motion, releasing the rich scents and flavours. Outstanding. With a flick of the wrist, a perfectly formed ice-sphere, glistening smoothly, rolls around the glass: cooling perfectly without diluting excessively. Taking an appreciative sip, you reflect that it’s important to take a moment occasionally to enjoy the finer things in life. After all, you’ve earned it.

Of course it’ll soon be time to return to the yacht, and board your personal helicopter to the next big meeting. But for now;Roller Rock Glass in hand, it's time to put your feet up on the 14th Century, hand-carved Brazilian Rosewood footrest. It’s time to relax. Leaning back into the luxurious leather upholstery with a contented gurgle, you’re glad that you took a break from the epic gold-bullion space-station transfer negotiations to order your Roller Rock Glass from You magnificent b*stard.

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Please Note:
  • Firebox always encourages responsible enjoyment of alcohol
  • Roller Rock Glass works equally well with or without alcohol
  • Do not over-fill mould as your Ice Ball may end up with a small nipple, which; while fun, will detract from your overall magnificence
  • Whiskey is not included
  • Hand-wash only
Product Features:
  • Non-tempered, high quality glass tumbler
  • Unique rock shaped base creates liquid swirling motion
  • Silicone ice-ball mould creates longer lasting ice spheres
  • Measures approximately 9cm(H) x 9cm(Ø)
  • Holds approximately 235ml

Customer Reviews

Purchased as a gift for my Dad, he loves it so much he's started drinking in the mornings.

Dan Pearce - 2nd of July, 2015

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