Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool

Meat, your master

Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool

Meat, your master

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It takes a certain kind of person to handle a BBQ; the heat, the meat, the dangerous (but delicious) explosions of sizzling juices. It’s not for the faint hearted, or the vegetarian. Such a serious culinary challenge demands the ultimate in utensils; and when it comes to great grill gear it doesn’t get much better than the Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool.

The ancient and mysterious Book of BBQ teaches four basic techniques; the flip, the grab, the stab and the serve. Only by mastering these can you truly hope to become a BBQ Master, grasshopper. For years, aspiring sausage sizzlers required an assortment of unwieldy tools to handle these complex manoeuvres, but no longer. Enter the Stake.

Flipping the steak

Flip it

Grabbing some salad

Grab it

Stab and serving the steak

Stab and serve

The Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool

Up to 54cm in length

Initially resembling a stylish, brushed-metal spatula; the hardwood handles unlock to yield tongs for precise meat manipulation. Then with a shift of your thumb, a retractable fork springs forth, for serious poking and prodding.

So next time you step up to the hot-plate, make sure you’re packing the ultimate BBQ utensil. The fate of your whole BBQ might be at Stake.

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Andy eating a fish

Andy eating his 'catch of the day'

Please Note:
  • Firebox loves vegetarians too! If you’re not a carnivore just substitute ‘mushrooms’ for ‘meat’, and ‘sautéed onions’ for ‘sausages’
Product Features:
  • Functions as tongs, a spatula, or a fork
  • Smooth leaf spring mechanism makes tongs easy to use
  • Fork slides out for use and tucks safely into spatula for storage
  • Handles lock together or opened with one quick motion
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Sturdy wooden handles
  • Measures approximately 9.5cm(W) x 3 - 11.5cm(D) x 47 - 54cm(L)
  • Size varies due to fork extension and opening width of tongs

Customer Reviews

I really don't see the point of this, it's hardly an inconvenience to have more than on BBQ tool. I'm sure if this 'invention' was shown on Dragons Den it would have just been laughed at.
Jason - 29th May 2012
As far as the cross contamination is concerned, all you have to do is heat them to 145 degrees. Put them close to coals for 15 seconds or more.
Tim Hesch - 23rd May 2012
Isn't this just a nice way to cross-contaminate all your food? (unless you wash it in between items, which somewhat defeats the point of an all-in-one utensil).
Peter - 22nd May 2012
Firebox says: We like to live dangerously Peter! But then again we wouldn't want our fellow fireboxers coming down with food poisoning, so perhaps it would be best to wash this if want to avoid any cross contamination. The choice (as they once said on a famous game show) is yours!