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Zombie Slippers

Fabulously undead footwear

Zombie Slippers

Fabulously undead footwear

In Stock

  •  Warm your feet in the gummy embrace of a decapitated Zombie
  •  Classic gaunt expression, bloodied mouth and lovely loose eye-ball
  •  Perfect for shuffling round the house like a brain-hungry goon
  •  Order now before the merciless Zombie apocalypse arrives



Flappy eye!

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth… and we will make super-comfortable, plush slippers out of their heads.

Just woke up and feeling a bit brain-dead or maybe you’re just a huge fan of the un-dead?

Either way, who doesn't love having their feet gently gummed by an oversized pair of zombie heads? Which is why you need these plush Zombie Slippers in your life, and since there’s no left and right and one size fits most, you won’t even need your brain to put them on.

Besides; by the time the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes, it’ll be too late to worry about footwear. So order now.

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Zombie Slippers
Please Note:
  • No zombies were harmed (or decapitated) in the making of these slippers
Product Features:
  • Super-comfortable, undead slippers
  • One size fits ‘most’ (up to men’s size 10.5)
  • Elasticated heel
  • Dangling eye-ball attachment
  • Very limited chance of reanimation
  • Measures approximately 30cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 17cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I bought a pair for my Boyfriend, he love zombies and till now, he's the most happiest feet guy I've known, he LOVES them, they are cool, unique and super comfortable. Well worth the price and time.
Luis Zwittag - 26th March 2014
Brilliant! I love them. They are really comfortable and look great.
George - 1st January 2014
Bought these for my hubby, he loves all things Zombie and these are no exception. He loves them, says they are really comfy and I can vouch for that as I, on occassion have given them a test drive. Got my eye on the Zombie mug for my next purchase.
Stacey - 18th November 2013
Bought these for my husband and he loves them! They are really comfy and cosy and the dangling eyeballs also provide the added bonus of keeping our dog entertained for hours!
MrsA - 14th October 2013
I received these as a Christmas present. They are so comfy! Warmest best slippers I've ever had. Only downfall is the sole isn't waterproof, and upon risking taking a few steps onto my back patio, my feet were soaked in seconds. Even still, I would definitely recommend these!
Stevie - 9th April 2013
My brother got me these for Christmas and they are absolutely adorable!! They aren't tacky at all and they keep my feet so warm. My family members keep stealing them to wear and im a shoe size 8 so my feet are comfy. Anyone who isn't a scaredy cat should get these as they are for any person who loves zombies and all these unique :).
Den - 25th December 2012