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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Tetris Light

Table top tetrominoes

Tetris Light

Table top tetrominoes


  •  The most popular computer game of all time is now a light
  •  Comes with 7 re-arrangeable tetrominoes
  •  Illuminates as they're joined together
  •  Stack 'em up and play your own marvellous game of Tetris


Since its release from Soviet Russia in the early 80’s, Tetris has become firmly entrenched as one of the greatest computer games of all time. The symmetry, the strategy, the flashing, coloured bricks; frankly, it has everything a discerning gamer could possibly wish for.

Flash your retro credentials, and brighten up that minimalist apartment with this official Tetris Light that lets you redesign your desk lamp whenever you like. Simply connect one of the bricks to the mains and then as each new brick is placed into position they will light up through some kind of magical, pre-war 8-bit Russian science.*

Plus, during the day you can play a very short game of Tetris, although we’re almost certain that you won’t be able to form a perfect cube using every part.

*Electricity is not really magical, and strictly speaking, not Russian either.

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Please Note:
  • Requires mains power
  • As with all low voltage lights some people may see a faint flicker effect from the lights
Product Features:
  • Contains 7 distinctive, multi coloured Tetrominoes
  • Mains adaptor and cable included
  • A single square measures approximately 4cm(W) x 4cm(D) x 4cm(H), when combined, overall size is limited only by your imagination.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this and have it set up at the college I work at. The students think it's amazing and every time I walk in to the room where I have it set up, it's in a different shape. No one can resist messing about with it, including the teachers!
Kevin, Stourbridge - 18th January 2014
This is something for a retro collector.
Adam, Hartlepool - 2nd January 2014
Hey firebox! Brilliant product, absolute must have for any nerdy dudes who want to stay trendy.
Fake Name Mc Fakerson, Swagtown - 27th December 2013
I got the Tetris light for my birthday last year !!! I was so happy !! It is an amazing light and hasn't broken even after all this time ! It's really pretty and cool thing to show of !! Just buy it now ! You won't regret it !!
Elise, Sawbridgeworth, England - 11th December 2013
If you don't own this then you should. It's a lovely thing and fits into my Ikea storage unit beautifully - I haven't noticed any flicker that would be classed as annoying but then perhaps I can't see very well. Anyhoo, buy this. Ok thanks.
Robert The Great, West Sussex - 18th April 2013
Hi, can you stack these into a square shape with 4 straight sides.
Cameron, United Kingdom - 26th December 2012
Firebox says: Afraid not Cameron, vertical stacking only!
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