Firesteel 2.0

It’s a fire-starter, terrific fire-starter

Firesteel 2.0

It’s a fire-starter, terrific fire-starter

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Swedish FireSteel 2.0

Pyrotechnic technology

Humankind has gone through some pretty embarrassing situations in our quest for fire. We went from huddling in the rain waiting for lightning to strike an old tree, to sitting in a damp cave furiously rubbing two sticks together, to crouching outside a leaky tent with a soggy box of matches. Hardly the all-conquering geniuses the history books would have us believe.

But fear not chilly campers, because a vintage piece of pyrotechnic technology has been updated for a new generation: the Firesteel 2.0! With more than 12,000 strikes per unit, this ferrocerium fire striker is infinitely more efficient than lugging a sack of 240 match boxes around – and it's standard issue in the Swedish Army. Besides, if the eggcup taught us anything, it’s that sometimes you’re better off relying on a classic.

Diagram: using the striker

New and improved striker

Diagram: starting a fire

Light your fire...

Diagram: lighting a gas stove

or your gas stove

Using the emergency whistle

Don't panic

With a new and improved striker, you’ll have showers of sparks in no time, no matter where you are or how poor the conditions. If in your enthusiasm your campfire gets a bit out of hand, simply blow a few blasts on the handy built-in emergency whistle to alert nearby authorities or helpful wild animals. Then you can just sit back, warm your hands, toast a few marshmallows and wait for rescue.

So stand triumphant and blow your tiny whistle at the sky as you revel in your newfound fire-starting prowess. This ancient and elemental force has a new master, and its name is Firesteel 2.0

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Please Note:
  • Firebox strongly encourages Fire Safety, follow local guidelines
  • Always use with care as animals will rarely save you from fire
Product Features:
  • Works best in conjunction with dry flammable materials (paper, bark, grass, etc)
  • Can also be used to light gas stoves and BBQs
  • Includes built-in emergency whistle
Technical Specifications:
  • Striker is made of Ferrocerium
  • Sparks at temperatures of approximately 3,000 °F (1,650 °C)
  • Flint section measures approximately 3cm(W) x 2cm(D) x 10cm(H)
  • Spark section measures approximately 2.5cm(W) x 1cm(D) x 5.5cm(H)

Customer Reviews

It's completely waterproof and the only oxidising that will ever occur is over time and in fact can serve as a layer of protectionbut comes of in one or two scrapes and still produces sparks this rod can save your life, or just be the camper's best friend besides his knife!
Ryan - 28th October 2013
Firebox says: Hey Ryan, Great to hear that your testing found the product to be what you wanted from it. And look at that. A Firebox product that doesn't just make you giggle but can save your life. Magic.
I bought one of these for an upcoming camping trip and couldn't wait until the trip to try it out. Luckily, there was a garden party at the weekend so I got to use it lighting the chiminea. Striking in to a bit of dry grass the fire flared up easily. I then used it to light some firelighters on the BBQ which was a bit more difficult as is to be expected. I decided to give it a water test and soaked it for 30 seconds or so, wiped off the excess water and it still sparked perfectly. I recommend if you get this you get some of the "Tinder Dust" from the makers of the fire steel, which makes lighting up a roaring fire is 10 times easier. Great product Firebox!
Dave - 28th August 2013
Firebox says: Hey Dave, Nothing like a well timed garden party to get sparks flying is there? Glad you like the product and thanks for the detailed account of how this worked for you.
This looks like a really good product which i'll get when available. Is it water proof? Thats the main problem with matches when you go camping. Thanks.
Iain - 7th July 2012
Firebox says: Hey Iain, yes it is, but we are reliably informed that it this works best in dry conditions.