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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe

Securely store your stuff in Space

Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe

Securely store your stuff in Space

Sorry, this product is not available.

Sorry! This product is no longer available but the following accessories are still available while stocks last:

Batteries (4x AAA) Batteries (4x AAA) for Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe

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What better place to store your valuables than in a complex, sentient machine capable of travelling through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space?

Whether you’re a true Time Lord, or just happen to stumble upon a completely sealed, miniature police box, this desktop safe will keep all of your stuff secure.

scale top down This is a lie about how much you can fit inside it

Key in your unique PIN code

Fits most smartphone models

Larger than it looks from the outside!

Simply slot your smartphone into the Tardis Smart Safe and follow the easy setup steps, before entering your unique pass code. It’s a bit like the Rassilon Imprimatur process.

Just be wary of time rams, you could cause a Belgium sized black hole.

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Please Note:
  • For ages 8+
  • Base of smartphone must fit into a slot 6.9cm(W) x 1.5cm(D)
  • Uses sensor based technology, so no connection/jack required
  • To download the free Tardis Smartsafe App search for 'DR181' on your Apple or Android device
Product Features:
  • Sealed Tardis design
  • Authentic opening sound and light effects
  • Lock & Unlock Tardis safe via your smartphone
  • Easy to setup and change codes
  • Officially licenced by the BBC
Technical Specifications:
  • Requires iPhone or Android phone and App to operate
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AAA batteries
  • Measures approximately 15cm(W) x 15cm(D) x 26cm(H)

Customer Reviews

TARDIS does not stand for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Who said 'pedant'?
Charles Aptaker, London - 13th January 2013
Firebox says: Good spot Charles we will go back in time and fix this yesterday.