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It’s unthinkable


It’s unthinkable

Sorry, this product is not available.



Iceberg tent

Watch out! Iceberg Tent coming soon

Tired of slumming it in festival campsites? Sick of the modern trappings of today’s caravans? Well don’t look now, but a ludicrously opulent (and frankly spectacular) alternative has just appeared on the horizon. And there’s room enough for everyone!

Exclusive to Firebox, Tentanic is your first class ticket to camping in style. A 1:2 scale replica of the world’s most famous luxury liner, this easy-to-assemble tent will sleep up to 1000 of your friends. Far grander than the usual flimsy nylon offerings, Tentanic offers a hint of the high life whether you’re bedding down at Glastonbury or halfway up a mountain.

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Product Features:
  • 1:2 scale RMS Titanic-shaped tent
  • Sleeps approximately 1000 people
  • Convenient starboard-side zip-up entrance
  • 300 anchor-shaped pegs
  • Includes dining room, ballroom, Irish dancing room and gobbing platform
  • Keep an eye out for Iceberg Tent, coming soon
  • Without guy ropes, measures approximately 120m(L) x 14m(W) x 27cm(H)

Customer Reviews

Got one of these in the post this morning! Well, I say post... It came on its own flatbed truck. First problem, I couldn't set it up in the garden because it was too big. Next problem, I had reliability issues near water. Third problem, if anyone had ice in their drinks, the whole thing would collapse. Disappointed, firebox. Thought this tent would be "boat"-ally worth it, but it wasn't. I'll be having stern words.
Darren - 2nd May 2012
Well if its a April fool it's now April 2 :).
Richard Brophy - 2nd April 2012
Great big item for parties, I was in charge of one once. Be careful, they don't half let in the water....
Capt Smith - 2nd April 2012
The tent has a great big hole in the side so you'll still get cold and wet!!! Sending it back surface mail on 15th!!
Smoggie Mike - 1st April 2012
I'll tell you: ' I'm on top of the world ' with this purchase....... . Ha ha.
Jez Eagle - 1st April 2012
Ha ha nice april fool.
Adam Slater - 1st April 2012