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Big Large Giant Gummi Bear

Bouncing here and there and wherever it wants

Big Large Giant Gummi Bear

Bouncing here and there and wherever it wants

Sorry, this product is not available.



Big Large Giant Gummi Bear

“What's that, Chewie?”

Now, we’ll be the first to put our hands up when a gimmick has gone too far. We said no to the Angry Birds Slankets. We didn’t look twice at the Bacon-Flavoured Lightsaber. We haven’t returned one of Jedward’s calls. But when it comes to supersized retro gummi sweets, we just can’t get enough of ‘em!

And that’s why we completely lost our minds when we heard about the Big Large Giant Gummi Bear. Based on the slightly more enormous North American Brown Bear (or Ursus Arctos Ineptias), this 1:1 masterpiece stands just shy of 2m tall and weighs in at an utterly gluttonous 400kg. Calories? Don’t ask…

Delivered by trained gummi handlers in its own presentation crate, this life-sized edible puts all of its gummi cousins in the shade. Literally. So grab one while you can – with a shelf life of only 6 months these are soon to become an endangered species!

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Please Note:
  • Please ensure a stable surface for display purposes
  • May cause dizziness, hyperactivity and diabetes
Product Features:
  • 1:1 scale gummi bear based on the North American Grizzly Stands approximately 2m high
  • Available in 3 flavours: Orange Marmalade, Hunny & Lemon, Porridge
  • Measures approximately 6'6" (198cm) tall
  • Weighs approximately 400kg

Customer Reviews

Hello this is me again I want a formal apolagie on the website I will be seeing you in court if you do not reply to me within a day.
Nasha - 16th July 2012
Firebox says: Hey Nasha, like many other internet retailers we thought it would be a nice thing to "fool" our customers on April fools day, then keep the products on the website for users to stumble across. Sorry that we fooled you and our apologies that you do not see the funny side. If you'd like to discuss the matter with us in further detail, please give us a call on 0800 044 5010 (freephone from UK landlines) and we can have a chat.
I know this is a bit of a downer but that picture isnt the real thing because if you look there are 2 different pictures at 2 different angels but the reflection of the light on the gum is in the exact same place and you couldn't possibly see the mans arm through all that gum!?!?
Bradley - 24th June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Bradley, you are totally right the picture isn't real, its probably because the product isn't either! This was one of our fabulous April fools products that you've stumbled upon. Thanks for picking that up for us though, note to our design team, must try harder next year!
How long does it take to make one?
Callum - 20th June 2012
Firebox says: Thats a pretty good question Callum and you've pretty much stumped us with it! We get these direct from our suppliers and they are already made. We'd like to imagine someone melting down loads of small Gummi Bears somewhere and then filling a giant mold with them and waiting for it to set. However it's probably less exciting then that.
Pretty please can you make one of these for real instead of April Fools. But maybe Strawberry, nom nom!
Jenna - 19th April 2012