Take grime to new heights


Take grime to new heights

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Controls at the top of the ladder

Tweak your sounds from the top

These days you can’t sneeze without someone remixing it. But it’s not all bad. Because for every DJ churning out bland, samey, house music there’s a Mizuki, a Rusko, a Chase and a Status. And likewise, for every boring bit of home DIY equipment, there’s a Dubstepladder.

More Skrillex than Screwfix, this brilliant bit of kit lets you churn out completely original dubstep tunes as you climb up and down it. Each of the pressure-sensitive rungs is pre-programmed to play a 5-second burst of grimy, bass-heavy gibberish as you step on it. And with a built-in modulation interface at the top you can even tweak them as you work. Step up and down and piece together a pounding, electro-cacophony to rival your dubstep heroes! Well, it beats listening to the window cleaner’s whistle.

steps lighting up

LEDs flash with every step

But don’t go thinking all of this technobobbins comes at the expense of safety. Thanks to non-slip rubber dampeners under the feet, the only wobble you’re likely to feel is when the drop kicks in. And it’s even coated in electroluminescent paint, so you can always find it in your UK garage.

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Please Note:
  • Please take care when building your beats, especially those top notes
Product Features:
  • Electronic ladder that allows you to make sub bass frequencies by stepping on the rungs
  • Ladder frame is Electroluminescent so you don't accidentally walk into it in the dark
  • Each step lights up as you step on it, or follow the light mode shows you how to recreate your favourite basslines
  • Modulation interface on the top allows you to tweak each step
  • “Drop the Bass” button (produces a face melting bass drop)
  • Record your own bass lines or upload/play and remix tracks
  • Built-in amplifier on the lower step helps you tweak the sound to produce the sharpest basslines possible
  • Comes with ear blowing 12' tall sub bass sound system