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Take your eggs to another dimension


Take your eggs to another dimension

Available to pre-order
Expected 8 May 2014
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For hundreds of years, boiled eggs have been the bane of picnics, packed-lunches and ordered dinner plates the world over. It’s their completely illogical shape. No use to man or beast a peeled, hard-boiled egg just won’t do as it’s told. Carry it in a loose lunchbox and it’ll get smooshed, Take it on a picnic and it’ll be rolled away by ants. Serve it on a plate and it’ll end up sliding about like a chubby figure skater. It’s enough to put you off oeufs for life.

At least, those were our feelings on the matter. But now we’ve discovered the Egg-Q-Ber and finally brought a little discipline to our dinner plate – because this startlingly nifty gadget will turn any peeled, hard boiled egg into an almost perfect cube.

The applications of this technology are impossible to count, but it’s at least 4. ‘How does it work?’ you ask? Good question. Simply take your freshly boiled and peeled egg and pop it in the Egg-Q-Ber, close the lid tightly and leave it for 1 minute. That’s it! After 60 anxious seconds you can remove your almost perfectly cubed egg, ready to stack neatly in a bento box, sit on a potato waffle, slather with devilling cream or slice into squares for perfectly uniform sandwich coverage. There, that’s another of life’s problem solved. What's next?

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Product Features:
  • Turns freshly hard-boiled and peeled eggs into cubes
  • No need for egg cups
  • Easy to store
  • Baffle your friends
  • Measures approximately 9cm(H) x 6.7cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

I have just made square eggs and soldiers and loved it. I was a but sceptical at first but was very exciting by the results :)))) I put a picture on Facebook and my friends are all wanting to buy one now!!
Nicole, Peterborough - 29th September 2013
I love it! Who wouldn't want one? I was so egg-cited to get it! :).
Sarah, Worthing - 8th July 2013
Brilliant innovative gadget better than eggs-pected. Have perfected the cube by leaving in Q-ber as per directions for 2 mins and then turning a few more times, eggs-cellent results.
Wendy, Birmingham - 5th December 2012
Firebox says: Better then you were eggs-pecting.............Badoom Tish!
Molly - the question why would you not want your eggs cubed!! Tesselation is the key to efficent sandwiches!
Wilf, Oxfordshire - 4th December 2012
But why would u need to make your eggs cubed? x.
Molly!, LONDON!!! - 23rd November 2012
Firebox says: You wouldn't want your eggs to roll away unexpectedly, Molly!