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Star Trek iPhone 4 Cases

Star Trek iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone Case: The Final Frontier

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Star Trek Badge Design

Official insignia

Whether you’re employed at Starfleet, taking in the sights on Bajor or just lounging around at Quark’s, these fully-licensed Star Trek iPhone 4 Cases will keep your personal coms device safe and ready for all your subspace communication needs.

Easily identify yourself to the Federation and fellow crew members using the colour coded cases, with official insignia for Science, Command, Engineering and for the alternative dimension fans, there’s a Mirror Universe badge.

Designs available:
Designs available

L-R: Engineering (Red), Science (Blue), Mirror Universe (Silver) and Command (Yellow)

Made from high-quality space-age plastic and featuring official Enterprise micro-sparkles, even Scotty would approve.


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Please Note:
  • Suitable for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s
Product Features:
  • Officially licensed by Star Trek
  • 4 different colours/insignias representing Science (Blue), Command (Yellow), Engineering (Red) and Mirror Universe (Silver)
  • Measures approximately 11.6cm(H) x 6cm(W) x 1cm(D)