LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Countdown to a LEGO Christmas

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Countdown to a LEGO Christmas

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Instructions to build your favourite characters, ships and Jar Jar Binks

Thanks to this Star Wars Advent Calendar it’s Christmas everyday of December for LEGO fans. Featuring iconic starships, mini-figures and accessories for your favourite characters; by the time the big day arrives you’ll be able to re-enact all your favourite Star Wars scenes.

The perfect gift for fans of the franchise, or just a great alternative advent calendar for lactose-intolerant block-heads, the calendar contains a total of 234 pieces and includes some specially created parts.

Feel the force this Christmas.

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Please Note:
  • For ages 6+
  • Contains small parts, may be a choking hazard
  • Contains 24 gifts, so you won't literally get one every day of December
Product Features:
  • 234 pieces
  • 24 Star Wars mini-gifts
  • Colourful calendar design
  • Fold out display base
  • 2 Exclusive holiday themed figures
  • Measures approximately 38cm(W) x 7cm(D) x 26cm(H)

Customer Reviews

I recently bought this for my 8 year old nephew - he loves it - he sends me a photo each morning so I can see what gift he has opened. Also to show me that he is only opening one day at a time!! Bless. Great calendar Firebox thank you.
JO - 5th December 2012
Firebox says: No problems Jo, glad we could help!
I wet myself with excitment when I saw this amazing gift.
Amy - 7th November 2012
Firebox says: Amy, I think we might have too. May the force be with you in your LEGO-building endeavours!
Amazing gift from my boyfriend :) Had to ask him to hide it til december otherwise they'd all be open!!! Also it arrived the day after he ordered. Fan-bloody-tastic :D.
Harriet Stebbing - 5th November 2012
Firebox says: Thanks for the good words Harriet! Hope he enjoys it, not long to wait now, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! :)
Bought last years edition and it was very cool. Was very jeakus towards my son. Have also bought this years edition. Equally as cool. Another win for Lego/Star Wars. An absolute must for any Star Wars fan!!
MarkF - 29th October 2012
Firebox says: Hey Mark, thanks so much for letting us know! It is a pretty cool product. Why not convince someone to buy you one? Then it's a win for you too!
Bought this yesterday at like... I dunno 11am and it arrived today!!! excellent service ! its a birthday present for my bro but I opened it and had a peek and it looks awesome ! Another win for firebox :D.
Caitlin Knox - 18th October 2012
Firebox says: FIREBOX LOVES YOU! Caitlin, it's not awesome, it's TOTALLY AWESOME. My 3yr old son will also be getting one this Xmas!