Desktop Treat Ball

Gimme some sugar

Desktop Treat Ball

Gimme some sugar

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Simply touch for treats.

Based on it’s big brother, the Party Treat Ball, the Desktop Treat Ball is a must for anyone prone to attacks of the munchies while sitting at their computer – which strike at least every twenty minutes here at Firebox HQ (it’s our metabolism). But best of all, this retro dispenser of scoffable goodies is activated by the slightest touch of your finger.

Dishing out sweet treats and savoury snacks from jelly beans to peanuts, this battery-powered gadget has a touch-sensitive plate under the built-in chute. Touch it and the mechanism will feed snacks straight into your waiting hand until you break contact. Presto! Quick snacks and no mess.

fill up the ball

Fill with your choice of treats

switch close-up

Turn on the switch at the back

touch sensitive plate

Touch the button to release treats!

more info

Please Note:
  • Sweets not included
Product Features:
  • Serve sweets and savoury snacks from jelly beans to peanuts
  • Touch-sensitive mechanism dispenses into your hand
  • Easy to refill
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AAA batteries – not included
  • Measures approximately 19cm(H) x 14cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

Though you say peanuts you might want to mention you can't use salted nuts. As it states in the instructions the salt with corrode the electronic parts. Might need to add not to use salted peanuts in the description in case people don't realize.
Stephen - 30th November 2012
Firebox says: Good call Stephen we will get the copy amended now!
Hi This looks awesome. How much do you think you'd fit in the desktop ball?
Becky - 5th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Becky, it is indeed awesome. It really depends on your choice of snack! I reckon you could fit a 185 gram pack of M&Ms in there easily enough.
Hey Firebox, Do you know if this machine could dispense Jelly Belly Beans, its much cheaper than buying their own dispenser. And this one is way cooler.
Leon Jackson - 8th September 2012
Firebox says: Hey Leon, it sure will dispense Jelly Belly Beans! Anything from jelly beans to peanuts are suitable.
Genius, a little machine to hold my treats and stop horrible germ filled paws touching them. Definitely the modern day gum ball machine!
Phil V - 4th April 2012