Grippy Pad

Get to grips

Grippy Pad

Get to grips

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New & Improved

The Grippy Pad is back! Now known as Grip Strip – featuring everything you know and love about the original, only with a glorious gecko print design and infinitely smarter packaging.

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Just like a tree frog’s amazing feet, the Grippy Pad will hold all sorts of things in place. And all without a single magnet, velcro strip, or sticky adhesive in sight.

By some marvel of manufacturing (don’t ask) this advanced silicone material grips everything from iPads to Sat Navs. Just slap it on your dashboard and place your items on top. Like magic, they’ll be held in place!

Resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight, it’s perfectly at home on your dashboard. And it never needs replenishing – when the stickiness begins to wear off, just wipe it with a damp towel and it’ll be as good as new. We’re not sure if this works for tree frogs though.

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Please Note:
  • We can't take any responsibility for what you stick with Grippy Pads. Please take care when gripping anything large and/or expensive.
Product Features:
  • Anti-slip mat for iPads, smartphones and other gadgets
  • Suitable for a horizontal and vertical surface
  • Resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of high quality silicone

Customer Reviews

Got my Grippy given as a gift. Works perfectly on car dash to hold my phone. Looking to order more. Would like to know peoples experiences regarding the best way to clean it to regain its original stickyness?
Nige Simpson - 5th July 2014
Firebox says: Warm soapy water should restore this to its former glory!
Just popped back to order another 3, a couple for each car and our camper. Even holds a mini speaker for the iPhone. Love this item, have washed several times and re-sticks brilliantly.
Clare - 5th January 2014
I bought this as a gift for several people last year, they work amazingly, even 12 months on so I'm purchasing one for myself. Love Firebox!
Rach - 22nd October 2013
Will it stick with silicone and plastic cases?
Jasmin - 1st July 2013
Firebox says: It will indeed!
This pad really does hold its items very well. I have mine holding my iPod Touch in my car, and was skeptical about it coping in the corners, at roundabouts and under braking. But it does hold whatever it is supremely well, even when Britain throws its worst potholes at us road users! Highly recommended product, very proud I bought it!
Ali Matthews - 1st June 2013
Could it cope with holding an iPhone in a Lifeproof case?
Sean Sutton - 30th March 2013
Firebox says: It could Sean, but we recommend you take caution when sticking expensive things to the Grippy!