9-Bit Mega Coffee

Gaming fuel

9-Bit Mega Coffee

Gaming fuel

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9-Bit Mega Coffee

Ok, here’s the rule: if you’re old enough to recognise where 9-Bit Mega Coffee draws its inspiration from, you’re old enough to drink it. Because only serious gamers (and by that we mean over 21s) are likely to remember Sega’s blockbusting 16-bit system, the Mega Drive. But where on earth did a retro gaming icon and coffee blend find themselves thrown into the mix?

Cornwall, actually. Or to be exact, the Loading Games Bar in Cornwall: the South West’s spiritual home for geeks, gamers, techie types, nostalgia junkies and anyone who likes their coffee made properly.

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Blended from nine different kinds of coffee bean (see below: we’re not sure half of them are real), this premium java is at its best as an espresso, or with a splash of cold milk. Created for gamers, by gamers (FGBG), this caffeinated classic makes the perfect fuel for late night gaming marathons – or as a pick-me-up the following morning. So grab yourself a can, warm the espresso machine, pull on your sweat bands and load one of those big clunky cartridges – we’re powering back to the 1990’s!

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Product Features:
  • Coffee from Loading's Cornwall Gaming Bar
  • Made from 9 types of ethically-sourced coffee beans:
    • FC Brazil Pulp Natural Arabica
    • Daterra Estate Monte Cristo Brazil Natural Arabica
    • Cosurca, Cauca Valley FT Excelso Colombian Washed Arabica
    • San Pedro Sula SHG Honduras Washed Arabica
    • Sidamo G2 Ethiopian Washed Arabica
    • Monte Sion Estate Gourmet Bourbon El Salvador Washed Arabica
    • Badra Estate Indian Washed Parchment Robusta
    • Plantation A Mysore Indian Washed Arabica
    • Suri Mukmar Takengon G1 Lingtong Sumartran Semi-Washed Arabica
  • Ideal as a stand alone espresso or with a splash of cold milk
  • Mega Drive inspired label
  • 9p from each sale goes to SpecialEffect, helping people with disabilities to enjoy computer games
  • Can size: 250g
  • Approximately 30 servings

Customer Reviews

I spotted this coffee a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. In short, one of the best coffee's I've EVER tasted! These days I can't go without a couple cups to jump-start my morning and give me the kick up the butt I need to get some work done. Honestly Firebox, I don't know where you find these products, but keep at it!! One extremely satisfied customer over here. There is one thing that annoys me, and that's how quickly it goes out of stock. Please get some more in sharpish, my older brother keep depleting my stocks!! :'(.
Aidan.C - 13th June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Aidan, glad you like the Coffee, we drink a few cups here ourselves which is why you'll always find us bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Tell your brother to get his own coffee! And in the meantime we will work on getting more stock for you to buy!
9-bit Mega Coffee is made of nine (surprise, surprise!) different blends of coffee, producing a kick that's about as comfortably close to a pair of defibrillator paddles as you'd care to get. A hefty spoonful in a French press produces a drink that's exceedingly dark - but not 'oh God that looks like sludge, get it away ah ah ah' dark - and altogether rather zingy. As it is, I've been drinking it black; it's deliciously bitter, but not so much as to make your face implode in on itself and create a black hole of coffee-provoked infinity. Not only is it the best coffee I've ever tasted, it's been made pretty well and the ingredients list on the side shows. It's a high quality product in a high-quality tin that gets my high-quality vote. (Original review: http://jonfaec. Com/69708591).
Jon Brady - 26th January 2012