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Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light

Sniff, look and listen

Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light

Sniff, look and listen

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multi-coloured lights

The lamp cycles through a variety of colours and scents to relax you

When it comes to sound therapy, light therapy and aromatherapy, some of us at Firebox HQ have been known to snort, flash two fingers and expel our own powerful smells at the very idea. But to a lot of people, these holistic treatments are a source of great comfort, healing, relaxation and mental wellbeing. And who are we to argue?

So when we discovered a high-tech gadget that incorporates all three treatments into one elegant design, we had to take a look (and a sniff and a listen). Using advanced ultrasonic technology, the Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light can suffuse the air with essential oils, cycle through a light show of mood-boosting colours, play a selection of relaxing natural sounds or even wake you up in the morning with all three! Magic.

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remote in the side

Store the remote in the base unit

Product Features:
  • Uses advanced ultrasonic technology for 3 holistic therapy methods: Aroma therapy, Light therapy and Sound therapy
  • Aromatherapy function: Advanced ultrasonic vapour diffusing technology
  • Light therapy function: different light colours for different moods
  • Sound therapy: 4 different sounds of nature
  • Auto switch on/off for safety and timer for length of aroma diffusing
  • Digital clock with alarm function
  • Convenient infrared remote control that can be docked into the main unit
  • Power AC/DC adaptor

Customer Reviews

I must say how much I love this device! I have suffered from poor sleep for years and often find it difficult to unwind at the end of the day! I was bought this as a Christmas present! It is easy to use, I love falling asleep to the different mood lights, relaxing sounds and my favourite aromatherapy scent! Even more, it's much nicer to wake up to than a beeping alarm clock! Great to use even if you just want to relax for half an hour if your feeling stressed! A must for everybody!
Lisa - 9th January 2013
I purchased the Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light as a Christmas present for a loved one, and loved it that much I had to buy a new one for myself !! Its a stunning piece of kit, and works extremely well, much better than expected in fact. I can describe it as an incense burner without the smoke, and it'll tell you the time, wake you up and play soft sounds when you need some real relaxation. A perfect gift for those stress-prone loved ones, that can be a pain to get anywhere on time !!
Zac Urquhart - 17th November 2012
This machine is very easy to set up and use. The general upkeep is also very simple. The remote makes it easy to control the diffusing mode, the lights, the music, and setting the alarm to wake up to. The sleek black design is very aesthetically pleasing in any environment. Highly recommended!
Sam Twyford - 9th October 2012