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Minecraft Foam Sword

Bring on the mobs

Minecraft Foam Sword

Bring on the mobs

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Detailed pixels!

Second only to riding Falcor the luck dragon, this life-sized Minecraft Foam Sword is one of the greatest fantasy/real world crossovers we’ve ever seen – and it’s just as likely to make us shout ‘yeah!’ and punch the air.

Fully licensed by Notch and the gang, this spongy wonder is a near exact replica of the loveably low-res item from Minecraft – the insanely addictive construction-based time-hoover-of-choice for bored geeks across the globe.

What you do with it, of course, is entirely up to you. The durable EVA foam makes it a great bopping stick for unruly friends or office colleagues – especially those wielding fancy NERF guns. ‘Softy missiles? Pah! I’m gonna get medieval!’ Or perhaps you could mount it over your computer, together with your Foam Pickaxe, as a symbol of your Minecraft mastery. Bring on the mobs!

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Product Features:
  • Iron Sword from Minecraft
  • Crafted from durable EVA foam
  • Officially licensed Minecraft collectible

Customer Reviews

Any idea when this will be in stock, Christmas isn't far away now!
Funkyfred99, MK - 1st November 2012
Firebox says: Hi FunkyFred, we'll try our best to get some in for Christmas but no definitive date at the the moment I'm afraid.
This sword is made of foam and is a nice size, It is fun to mess around with and is a very good coulor, you could do a YouTube video with this for eg. Minecraft in real life.
Michael Moloney, Ireland - 23rd October 2012
Firebox says: Hey Michael, the YouTube video is a great idea, I can't wait for you to upload that onto our site.
They finally made it. Any chance of a foam Zombie to hit.
Euan, Yes - 22nd March 2012
Firebox says: Great idea!