Smokey Amp

Smokin' Axecesory

Smokey Amp

Smokin' Axecesory

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Musicians are very cool. Musicians smoke. They also use equipment called amps. These three undeniable truths of rock have been fused together, by a former custom amp designer at guitar legends Fender, in the form of the very cool Smokey amp. It's a high-performing amp - for its size - housed in a used cigarette carton. A perfect box, mind you, no phone numbers or torn corners.

A lifetime's appreciation of surgically enhanced models may or may not have induced the makers to inject silicone into the boxes as reinforcement, but it works a treat. One square battery will give you about ten hours of playing time, and there's a 0.5w output into the built-in speaker. Of course, you're not going to play Wembley with one, but a whopping great Marshall doesn't fit in your pocket, does it?

A triumph of recycling and lo-fi design, several top bands have used the Smokey. Because it's brilliant. Turn the volume right up and it's a makeshift fuzzbox. But one crucial question remains. Who smokes all the tabs?

Made from lovingly recycled cigarette packets, Smokey Amps come in a variety of flavours. And although they are not affiliated with, sponsored or authorized by any cigarette company, unlike their previous contents, these packs will not cause cancer, emphysema, or lower the birth rate.

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PLEASE NOTE: Smokey Amps are chosen at random so you never know which design you're gonna get! But thats all part of the mystery.

Please note:
  • Smokey Amps may have actual cigarette logos printed on the cigarette packet.
  • Smokey Amps are not affiliated with, sponsored or authorized by any cigarette company
  • If you need to change the battery in your Smokey Amp, carefully cut through the sticker over the flip-up part of the lid. Swap the batteries and then reseal the lid with double-sided tape.
Battery requirements:
  • 1 x 9V Battery

Customer Reviews

To all of the people complaining about it having no volume and that it is distorted when turned up. It does that with them all, it's not your guitar lead or anything. If you're good with electronics you can take them apart and add a volume and stuff.
Ryan Martin - 7th August 2012
I can only turn the volume on my guitar up a little before it becomes majorly distorted. And I've just bought a brand new cable too.... :( Purchased it in October sometime but only just got it due to living in a sandpit miles from a postie lol. Was all excited about finally being able to play my beautiful guitar with some sound, and am now disappointed :(.
Loz - 7th May 2012
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that Loz, the sound quality on these should be perfect. Drop us a line with your order details to and we will see what we can do for you.
I got one of these a few weeks ago, slightly disappointed. Can only turn the volume on my guitar up very slightly or it becomes very distorted. Is that normal?
Fraser - 14th July 2011
Firebox says: It may be an issue with the guitar cable Fraser, but if not, drop us a line via and we'll look into it for you.
How well does this work with bass guitars?
Kingy_whi - 24th January 2011
Firebox says: Not too well to be honest, designed more for your standard guitar.
Buy, buy, BUY!!!! a definite must have for all guitarists. Delivery was also super quick... thanks firebox.
Alexi - 15th May 2010
Excellent piece of kit. How they get something so small to be so mighty? The gods of metal only know. Essential for anyone who plays guitar as you can take it anywhere in a gig bag.
Huntad - 9th April 2010