Money Fragrance

Who wants to smell like a millionaire?

Money Fragrance

Who wants to smell like a millionaire?

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Like a rich meal or fine wine, success is a treat for all the senses: listening to the rapturous applause, watching your hysterical fans, feeling the red carpet under your feet... so how does it smell?

It smells of money! And now for those of us on the wrong side of life’s velvet rope, there’s now a way to enjoy great nosefuls of our favourite millionaires without the customary restraining order. Bottled for your convenience and available at a price we normies can afford, Money Fragrance is your fast track to the high life.

For him

Smell the money

Money Scent

For Her and For Him

For her

Feel like a million dollars!

shredded money

Packaged with real dollar bills!

Available as a gentleman’s cologne or lady's perfume, this decadent fragrance has been expertly crafted to smell exactly like rich people. Or, more accurately, their piles and piles of cash. Why? Well, studies in Japan show that the smell of money makes people work harder. And who doesn’t want to smell like a million dollars?

To add to its ostentatious credentials Money even comes with shredded dollar bills as packing material. So forget the bling, the shades, the handbags and the designer dogs – a quick spritz of Money Fragrance and you’ll be strolling with the high rollers before you can say super-injunction. You’re so Money, baby!

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Please Note:
  • Success, wealth and riches not guaranteed
  • The fragrance actually smells very nice
Product Features:
  • Fragrances for Him and Her
  • Her: the clean scent of freshly minted bills layered with the aromas of tropical fruits
  • Him: The woodier bank note, combining wafts of rosemary and precious woods with ocean breezes and bright citrus.
  • Each bottle contain 50ml

Customer Reviews

Do they come as a set? So you get both fragrances for men and women?
Koral - 4th December 2012
Firebox says: Hi Koral, the His and Her are sold separately, but we only have the Her fragrance on sale at the moment
I noticed that the stock is only available for the Her Money Perfume, when will the His Money Cologne be in stock?
Reyhan - 26th November 2012
Firebox says: We will no longer be selling the His Money Cologne we're afraid. Sorry!
If I buy this, will you be able to leave the dollar notes as whole notes. :).
Oscar Lupton - 18th November 2012
Firebox says: Good try, but unfortunately not