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MusucBag Classic

Sleepwalk in comfort

MusucBag Classic

Sleepwalk in comfort

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Adjustable for a comfortable fit

Wrapping yourself in a sleeping bag is all very snuggly, but have you ever tried dancing to gingangooly without unzipping yourself? It's not easy. In fact, unless you fancy caterpillaring around the campsite, trying to do anything other than sleep in a traditional sleeping bag (no nudging at the back) is virtually impossible. Step forward - and we mean that quite literally - the incredible MusucBag Classic.

‘But wait! We’ve seen this before!’ we hear you cry. Indeed the MusucBag has been around some years. But this latest update sees a whole host of upgrades and refinements for yet more comfort and practicality. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves...


Available in Black...

As you can see, this revolutionary wearable sleeping bag is more of a suit than a bag, giving maximum mobility and keeping you warm as toast. Snuggled into a MusucBag Classic you can move your limbs freely, stand up, walk, cross your legs, do the David Brent dance – whatever. Finding a comfy sleeping position is easy. Cramp, what cramp?

But it's not just about keeping warm on your next polar expedition or preventing your devil's-horn hand from freezing off at some festival campsite. The MusucBag Classic is ideal for loafing about in the house, especially if you're sick of eye-watering heating bills. Think of it as your new, improved dressing gown.


...and Blue

Invented by Chilean industrial designer, Rodrigo Alonso Schramm (not him again), the bag features a cosy integral hood, plus reversible zips, so you can unzip your arms with ease whenever you need to shoo away penguins, remove icicles from your nose or switch channels. Who'd have guessed dressing up as a futuristic Teletubby could be so practical.

But what's it like in terms of cosy-ocity? Well its lining is made from soft-touch nylon with a polyester hollow fibre bonded filling. And whilst we're not entirely sure what that means, we do know that each MusucBag Classic can withstand temperatures as low as -13°C. Brrr-illiant!

Available in blue or black and featuring a reinforced crotch area(?) and higher quality zips, this innovative suit is set to become a must-have accessory for outdoorsy-types and couch potatoes everywhere. You'll never want to clamber inside an old school sleeping bag again. Unless it's with Barbara Windsor circa '72. Oops, sorry...we just dozed off in our MusucBag again. Zzzzz

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 16 years+
  • Hand wash with a soap detergent
  • Do not iron
  • Tumble Dry (max 30°C)
Product Features:
  • It's a mobile sleeping bag!
  • Great way to save on central heating bills
  • Alternative to a dressing gown for lounging round the house
Improvements on earlier versions:
  • Exterior made from soft, high quality nylon (previously polyester)
  • New carry bag system: tensions straps for packing smaller
  • Improved hand opening system
  • Hands free technology: greater freedom of movement
  • Waist belt
  • Knee pleat
  • Heel and toe protection
  • Feet grip tab
Technical Specifications:
  • Materials
    • Outside: Ripstop nylon 300T/40D
    • Inside: Polyester Diamond 290T/50D
    • Filling: Hollow Fibre Polyester
    • Fill quantity: 2x 100g/m²
    • Layers: 2
  • EN13537 Temp ratings:
    • Comfort: 9°C
    • Limit: 4°C
    • Extreme: -9°C
    • Warmth Collar advanced 3D
    • Functional contoured hood with drawstring cord systems
  • Weight:
    • Size M: 1700g
    • Size L: 1900g
    • Size XL: 2100g
    • Stuff sack: 38cm x 25cm
    • Pack volume: approximately 13 litres
Size Guide:
  • Medium – 5ft 1in - 5ft 6in (156cm - 169cm)
  • Large – 5ft 7in - 6ft 0in (170cm - 184cm)
  • Extra Large – 6ft 1in - 6ft 8in (185cm - 202cm)

Customer Reviews

I got one of these to keep me warm whilst sky gazing at night. As many of the best nights for observing the night sky are winter nights, keeping warm can be a problem. Well not with one of these. I've used mine about 6 or 7 times know, and usually wear a thermal under suit next to the skin and one of these. It's brilliant, keeps me very warm (lowest temp so far -7) and gives me the freedom and flexibility to use the scope and keep the viewing to the maximum. When you need to take the out, cup of coffee etc, you can sit down in the suit, do what ever you want then back to gazing. I have yet to find the down side to the suit and I am sure I won't. Well worth the money and quality should ensure a long life out of the Sac.
Harry Lime - 2nd March 2013
Firebox says: Everyone loves a bit of warm sky gazing, great review, thanks Harry.
I payed for the saturday delivery. On time, Musacbag comes rolled in a toggle bag, good luck getting it back in lol, mind you that wont be on your mind because this suit is real nice to wear. Very warm, I have the heavy classic not lite. Best worn in the Nude.
Andrew - 14th December 2012
Firebox says: Lunge worthy.