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Tooks Headphone Sports Band

Comfy cans

Tooks Headphone Sports Band

Comfy cans

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putting speakers in the headband

Slide the speakers into the headband

Our mums are forever telling us to get some fresh air and exercise. Blow the cobwebs away. All that stuff. But huffing and puffing up a mountain can be a cold, lonely and boring business. So the next time you leave the house – whether you’re training for a marathon or just popping to the shops – keep your lugholes warm and bathed in your favourite motivational music with Tooks Sportec Headphone Band.

scale with iPhone too

Workout in the winter while listening to your favourite playlists

Fitted with deceptively slim speakers, this handy sports band can connect to any Mobile or MP3 player. Just plug it in and enjoy high quality audio however much you jump about. Far comfier than any over-the head earphones, or fiddly individual earbuds; the Headphone Band frees you to concentrate on more important stuff, like remembering to breathe.

In fact, they’re so cosy – and the speakers so slim – that you can even wear the Headphone Band in bed! They’re perfect for drowning out next door’s noise, or getting to sleep next to a snoring partner. Just don’t forget you’re wearing them the next morning and jump in the shower.

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Product Features:
  • Performance headband with built-in removable headphones
  • 100% ProStretch (dryfit) keeps you cool
  • Ultra thin microfleece lining with flat-stitch seams for added comfort
  • Comfortable fit and feel
  • Superior sound quality for sports or sleep

Customer Reviews

Is there one speaker or two in the headband?
Daniel Connaughton - 18th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Daniel, there are two!
If you completely sweat this through will the headphones break?
Visa - 8th September 2012
Firebox says: No. this is designed to withstand any sweat damage!